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Hi I have been experiencing anxiety and depression for many years and thought I finally had things under control but lately the anxiety is getting worse and unable to get past it, I feel alone even though I am not, my heart races all the time I can't concentrate I don't want to go out or talk to people, I don't want to have it take over my life again, not sure what to do 

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Community Champion

Hello Dear Dabb,


A very warm welcome to our forums..


I’m m sorry your anxiety is getting worse, I can relate to you not wanting to go out or talk to people, I felt that way for many years and it’s a horrible thing to go through….


What helped me was I reached out to my Dr. and told her how I was feeling and thinking, she put me on a mental health care plan, where I had the opportunity to speak to some professionals….Is that something you would consider?…..most times with professional help and learning how to manage our anxiety does help…


One thing I do now is, when I feel my heart racing, I try hard to ground myself asap by. using my grounding boxes…You can find how to make them on the thread here by searching…” Grounding what is it and how do we”…it’s a way for us to distract our anxious thoughts and bring them and ourselves into the here and now…by bringing forward our 5 senses…touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste..


Has anything that you might know of highlighted your anxiety recently?


We are all here to help support you the best we can..


My kindest thoughts with my care,