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i have no friends how do i cope with it

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I've lost all my friends over conflict & no longer have the option of being friends with them again. I feel like I don't know how to make a new group of friends as I've always been comfortable with all I had and never really bothered with making more friends besides the ones I had. i try my best to keep my mind busy with other things but sometimes with stresses from running my business, studying fulltime combined with the feeling of loneliness can be frustrating. 

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Dear beny,


A warm and caring welcome to our forums,


I am so sorry your feeling of loneliness can be frustrating for you…


I can relate to the feelings of loneliness very well…it’s a horrible emotion to feel…


I think one way of finding friends is to try to connect with people with your interests or hobbies you like… music, literature, darts, sewing, model making etc…more then not like minded people usually have lots to talk about, and friendships can develop through similar interests/hobbies…


Taking time out for yourself, from your busy schedule to just to sit quietly somewhere and absorb a bit of nature can be so healing for our overactive thoughts,  its a form of self care, that many people unfortunately overlook or can’t find the time for…but is so very important to our mental health….


Friends come and go in our lives, true friends stay by our side even through conflicts.…I’m deeply sorry your former friends couldn’t find a way through whatever happened…


My kindest thoughts Dear Danny, with my care..



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Hi Beny,


Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I am really sorry that you are going through this and would like to reassure you that you are not alone. 


A great way to meet new people and build friendships is through different hobbies, like playing sport for a club, going for an art class or perhaps joining a dance class. With reference to friendship, It is a part of life to lose friends along the way, but at the same time, it is also a part of life to develop new friendships along the way. Furthermore, it is important to reflect and introspect on your emotions so that you are able to prioritise your mental wellbeing. Please ensure that you look out for yourself and practice self-care judiciously. Allow yourself to feel your emotions and process how this may have impacted you. Speaking to a family member about how you are feeling may be helpful. Please do not hesitate to seek further support.


I hope this helps! 

Take care,