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Struggles through med change

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Hi everyone, I'm at the beginning of a med change after 15 years on the same medication. The last couple of weeks have been hell.  The mood the anxiety the worthlessness just seems so overwhelming. 

I have always been a go getter and this has floored me. At the moment preparing a meal, cleaning the house takes everything out of me. I worked a day last week and was bedridden for 2 days. 

I'm hoping I get some relief soon but feeling very nervous the new medication isn't going to work. 

I do hope you are have a day that will bring you some peace and happiness today.

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear Belblu~

Welcome here ot the Forum, a good move on your part as if you look around you will find many others who have had a hard time changing meds.


In my own case I've switched a fair few times before I found one that suited. Most times I had to "tail off" the old medication before gradually "ramping up" on the new one.


Even though all this was done under medical supervision (which realy is a must) I found that even reducing the old drug started to bring on unwanted feelings and a resurgence of my depression and anxiety. Similarly before the new drug had settled down I could be all over the place, from incredibly overconfident to suicidal.


I can well understand after all you have been going though you really hope the new medication works. It may take some time, however I'd strongly urge you keep in close connect wiht the prescribing practitioner and report how you are feeling each time you  do, htat way a picture can more quickly be built up of if there is improvement, and if so how much.


If you  cannot get to your practitioner as often as you wold like seek their advice on how to record your feelings on a frequent basis, maybe via a journal or by an app for your phone. There may be one here:




I realy hope things improve for you soon