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How are you? Back again, had a break through this morning, realised a part of my anxiety. Have had some rants (by myself at home) about work people being stupid. Realised why I did it.

Felt better when it was out, but ashamed for calling them that! I ended up getting sweaty & hot. Then today, deep inside me I think I'm a bad person, I am aren't I for calling people that.

That's what I feel deep down, that I'm bad. To call someone stupid, I may be being condescending & judgemental. 

I asked someone what is stupid & true stupid is maybe when your closed minded & don't listen to people. And with that, I have & been stupid, but everyone can learn to be more open minded, but it takes time.

Thank you Beyond Blue & I hope I haven't offended anyone.

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Hi JacintaMarie,

I think most people are moody and quite sensitive. Lotsa stuff happening in most of our lives.

Keep well,

Richju xxx