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Using alcohol or drugs to manage anxiety and depression eventually because a bigger problem

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Anxiety using alcohol or drugs to manage anxiety becomes a worse problem and actually makes things worse creating more problems 

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It does tend to go that way, and it's hard, hey. I'm guessing you made this post as you're struggling with this in some way, whether it's yourself or someone close to you, and so I just wanted to let you know that I'm here for you, and that you're not alone, but there is hope in getting better. Reach out where and when you can - it's worth it. ❤️

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One of the reasons I used to drink was to help me get to sleep. But you're right. If left unchecked, it ends up causing more problems (relationship breakdowns, indigestion, driving offences, etc)

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Hey eloop


I just wanted to thank you for your excellent post about alcohol and drugs exacerbating mental health issues. You are always welcome to post if you wish. The forums are a rock solid safe place for you to post. Your  privacy is paramount here.


Thank you David35 and jumpyjellyfish- for the super caring support ❤️  👍


my kindest always



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