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Hello, new here *waves*

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Hello beyond bluers *waves*

I signed up today because recently my ptsd has been getting worse and I thought joining a forum like this would be a good idea. I've had anxiety/depression all my life but last year I was admitted to hospital and the doctors misdiagnosed me with serotonin syndrome. they took me off my anti-depressant cold turkey and for 2 days I had shakes/tremors, lost feeling in my whole body and saw things moving around my hospital room eg: my blanket would move by itself, my heart rate would go up to 160 just lying there and once the doctors came in asking me "why aren't you breathing?". 

unfortunetly on my third day in hospital I asked if I could go home and a young doctor didn't want me too, he wanted me to go to the psych ward. as I wasn't well and not thinking I said 'ok' because I thought they'd help me but they made me worse πŸ˜• I spent 10 days in the psych ward and because I was taken of my usual medication so fast I had a psychotic episode 😞 I'd never had one before. as a result of this all this I now have pts, I shake & have develop a stammer especially when I go out. several things can trigger what I call an "episode", if I think someone has said something negative to me it sets me off, I make a loud noise (like I'm in pain and don't stop), my arms go up in the air & get stuck there, I shake and cry. even the smallest thing can cause me to make a noise eg: the teabag tag falling into my cup of tea, or dropping a tea spoon.                                                                                                                                                                                                   If you have read this far, I thank you >=:) and if you have pts or anxiety I would love to hear from you.


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Hiya BigBunny, *waves back*

Just wanted to welcome you to the forum. I havn't been here very long, but I can assure you that there are some truly amazing and caring people here that can hopefully offer some insight into what you're dealing with.

I struggle with anxiety and depression but I don't know much about pts or psychotic episodes. Why exactly did the doctor take you off medication so abruptly? It sounds like your having a hard time adjusting to being off medication. Maybe over time you will start to improve as your mind and body adapts. Hope you're doing ok, feel free to vent anything to me πŸ™‚


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Blue Voices Member

Hi Bigbunny,

Welcome to Beyondblue.

 I hope you will find the forums a safe and supportive space to discuss with others your concerns and possible suggestions.

You say they misdiagnosed you in hospital, have you since gone back onto any medication?

Are you still seeing a treatment team? What are their plans for you?

What else do you do? Are you working, studying, socialising engaged in hobbies, sleeping, eating adequately at the moment?

Have you also got the support of family and friends?

There are some things I have found useful for PTS and Anxiety:

Distraction, Self Soothing, Mindfulness, Exercise, Meditation, Breathing exercises, CBT, and ACT. I'll leave it up to you to google these, but I'm happy to discuss further with you.

You may also want to have a look at some of the threads under ANXIETY and join in some of these discussions. 

I hope we will hear back from you.


Hi  hi_im_ty, the hospital/emergency doctors took me off my anti-depressants because they misdiagnosed me with serotonin syndrome. the reason I had to be taken to hospital in an ambulance last October is because something went wrong with my neck. I didn't know it at the time but it was a muscle spasm & I made the BIG MISTAKE of putting my chiropractic ice pack on it which caused the muscle in my neck to seize up. I was lying on my bed and I couldn't move, this caused me to have a panic attack and I started to have trouble breathing, I told my mum to call an ambulance. it was the worst pain I've ever felt in my life! 

I spent a total of 13 days in hospital, 10 in psych. if the doctors had given me magnesium then my neck would've improved but according to my psychiatrist they don't know what they are doing. he doesn't have anything good to say about the hospital I was taken to, esp. the psych ward, apparently some of the doctors aren't qualified in Australia πŸ˜• and alot of people who have come out of there have killed themselves 😞


Hi AGrace, after I was released from hospital, as my brother said to my mum "we gotta get her out of there" there being the psych ward. I saw my shrink 16 days later, that's the soonest I could see him, he slowly put me back on my anti-depressant and sadly I now have to take 4 antidepressants in the morning instead of 3 because the hospital made me relapse, so 3 tablets didn't work anymore.  

I don't have any friends because I don't go out to make any (anxiety/agoraphobia) and now that I have pts I want to go out even less 😞 I'm on a disability pension. 2 weeks ago I started back on my treadmill and I'm happy with my progress, it not only helps my body but my brain especially πŸ™‚ My mum & brother are trying to help me, I live with my mum. it's taking awhile for my brother to get use to me because I react badly when certain things happen and I guess it's not nice having someone making loud noises etc. my mum is more understanding but as we live together it's tough on her. she want's to sue the hospital which apparently I can do because they've really stuffed me up πŸ˜• 

sorry if my replies are negative, it's my first posts on the board so maybe I'll post something more joyful. thank you both for replying to my original post and remember "everything is Awesome" Emmet >=;) BB

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Hey Big Bunny (gotta say that I LOVE the name)  πŸ™‚


That hospital episode for you sure sounded awful and it’s a very interesting call in what your psychiatrist said with regard to the hospital.


How are you finding things to be now, that you’re on 4 tablets of a morning and also how are you feeling with regard to your reactions to loud noises and also panic attacks??  Are these issues subsiding somewhat for you now??


That was awesome to read about you getting back on the treadie and doing some exercise.  Yes yes, it’s a very good thing to do – not only for physical fitness but also it does help big time with mental well being also.


And one last thing, on this site, I try to let people know that there’s no need to ever say sorry – because that’s what this site is all about – being able to say what you want and to express how you feel.  Cause there is no judgement shown here – which is one of the reasons I LOVE this site so much.  So anyone is able to vent and rage and be negative all they want – no harm in that at all.  In fact, most times it’s far better to unload and get something out there, than to keep it bottled inside.


I do hope you’re about here and would love to hear back from you.


Kind regards