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Hello, new to this so I thought I would say a little something

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi my name is Peter and have just decided to check this forum after joining Blue Voices.

I'm 36 and only a couple of years ago went to see someone to help me get my life sorted out. I always thought any problems I had were just who I was and that I had to live my life around my fears and inadequacies. Having spent most of my life this way, always questioning everything and really struggling social and just having no confidence and really low expectations about myself and my life, to find out that I had severe anxiety and social phobia and there was a way for me to get more out of life was amazing. 

I have been very lucky in that the doctor I am seeing was someone I was very comfortable with straight away and we had a connection that has allowed me to trust him. Also a family that have always backed me and never once throughout my life of just doing nothing have done anything but support me.

I haven't got any friends, it has always been hard to trust people and get to know them but I know why now. I haven't really worked either over the years but am trying hard to get work now. This for me is the hardest part and something that frustrates me. As I don't have much experience or work history and at 36 years old people don't want to employ me. I've written letters to places, even mental health places and told them my story but no luck so far. I have written about my anxiety in some cover letters to explain my lack of a work history but don't know if that puts them off.

Anyway I feel incredibly lucky to be where I am now and thats why I wanted to join blue voices and this community. I want to be able to pass on any support I can to others as I know how much that building your confidence can help. Also the biggest part of getting to where I am was being able to talk to other people with similar stories, to find out you are not alone was just an amazing feeling. So hello everyone nice to meet you and hope to talk more soon.


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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Peter,

Welcome to the beyond blue forums, well done for posting, it's a pleasure to have you here.

It's good that you have a solid relationship with your GP and your family, it really helps having people to lean on when times are tough (thats part of the reason why this forum exists as well). Sorry to hear about your work situation, hopefully something will pull through for you. It's hard enough finding a job even when your not dealing with anxiety.

Look forward to talking to you in the future.


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hey Ben thanks the the reply. It's a bit nervy doing this type of stuff and being so open but but it feels really good to. Thought I might be a bit more worried that no one would reply to me so thanks.

Community Member

Hi Peter

Welcome to Beyond Blue and thank you for coming here and posting.  I must admit, I’ve not ventured to Blue Voices, though I hear it’s very good too.  I seem to spend all my spare time on this site – which occupies me a fair bit – but I really enjoy reaching out to other sufferers and doing my best to provide advice if I can and support.

Just a piece of advice, I don’t think I would announce to any prospective employer about your anxiety – just a thought, but as you say, it may well help to put them off – and in this current work climate, that could be the tipping point against you in being able to snare a job.

I guess it just depends now on what type of work you might be able to do – how varied you might be (in that how open would you be to try a large variety of jobs) to hopefully widen the search network for yourself.

As Ben mentioned it is great that you’ve got that support behind you – family and a good GP.  Both very beneficial things to have.

Anyway I’ll send this off now, as it has been a few days since you’ve posted here – I do hope you’re still around to read this.

Kind regards