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Health anxiety

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  1. Hi, 

this is my first post, I’m sure I am suffering from health anxiety and it’s crippling! 
it all started about 8 years ago when I had a health scare and I have never gotten over it. I’m at the point now where I’ll do anything to avoid the doctors I’m absolutely terrified that they will find something wrong with me…

any kind of tests also triggers anxiety and it’s all I can think about. If I build up enough courage to book a doctors appointment 9 time out of 10 I will cancel it…

it’s awful 😢 I really don’t know how to get past it 

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Hello Kylie87

It is understandably to be anxious after the health scare you had eight years ago. Do you have any family members or friends who can support you at these medical appointments? 
I have had MRI, CT and visit to a Neurologist and had my daughter come with me on two and a neighbour came with me for a neuro electric test. I couldn't go on my own but my daughter is now estranged from me and is moving overseas in June to travel, work and live for a minimum of three years so I have been kind of freaking out and now that Bulk-billing has ended I have a good excuse, I cannot afford anymore doctors appointments. I am suppose to pick up a referral over a week ago to see a Gnae as have ovarian cysts that won't go away, 2 years now. I think if it bursts then I can go straight to the hospital where it may not cost me much (hoping) as on DSP age 63. 
We need to work on the "anxiety" and I am sure you may know of relaxation techniques etc. I hope my post may be of some support for you. 


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Champion Alumni

Hi Kylie87,


Wellcome to our forums.


Your story really resonated with me and I just wanted to give you HOPE and to let you know that you really can overcome what you are currently experiencing.


I went through a similar situation yes the road was hard in the beginning and very bumpy… but with perseverance I recovered.


Your power is in your reaction to your anxiety.


You are so much stronger than anxiety…. Stand up to it.


My recovery started by myself turning around and facing my anxiety instead of running from it 


This lead me to seeing many amazing health professionals who helped me on my mental health journey and eventually recovery.


Take that step and reach out to your health professionals.


If I can recover so can you…

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Community Champion

Hi Kylie87,


I am sorry you are going through this. Not to scare you - but I know how you feel, I have a sense of health anxiety after I have been diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases (the other diagnosis was two days ago, love life). It is scary going to the doctor, and it is such a terrible feeling when you feel healthy (in my case, my initial autoimmune disease is in remission), and then the doctor tells you that actually, there's something else going on. But, it is normal to feel that way. Have you actually been diagnosed with something?


It can actually be better to go in and see the doc (easier said than done), get bloods done - if nothing comes up - GREAT! But if something does, you can get onto it straight away and treat it, meaning that you can feel better sooner and reduce any long terms effects or unnecessary exposure to illness. You could also talk to your doctor about your health anxiety, and see if they can help. A lot of doctors are very straight to the point, so maybe a psychologist could help with this better (you will need to see your doctor for a referral, though).


It is hard but you shouldn't feel alone - we are all on our own journey and my advice would be to see a psychologist and hopefully you can develop strategies to cope - and maybe not worry about your health anymore unless there really is something wrong!


Jaz xx