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Has anyone had a bad experience with a psychiatrist?

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He refused me as a patient after our second session. Definitely not like in the movies. He told me I couldn’t speak I had to listen to him. Corrected my pronunciation of words. Prescribed me medication for blood pressure to maybe help with anxiety. I followed the directions as per the chemist. He claimed he told me to increase the dose after so many days. Shouldn’t a doctor write that down? Really want help with correct antidepressants to combat anxiety. Also sick with an autoimmune disease. Have a lot to deal with. This is going to sound really bad but why is it only male Indian doctors that treat me bad?  

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Blue Voices Member

Dr's all come in different shapes and sizes. I had a really bad few interactions with a Psychiatrist who I had to make a formal complaint about. Thankfully the practice I went through put me on to a different Psychiatrist free of charge, and he was amazing. I could have cried, i was so happy. I honestly just assumed all psychiatrists would be like the first guy.
My new one is amazing and he is actually an Indian guy. You just have to search around a bit sometimes to find the right fit. But you will get there.

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Hi Jodielianne,


Im sorry you experienced this with the psychiatrist you saw.


I believe that there is a nicer psychiatrist out there for you one that cares and has a nicer persona.


Please try to find another one.


Have you tried to speak to a gp in regards to antidepressants? They can also prescribe these.


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Hello Jodielianne, I have also had no luck when seeing a psychiatrist and when I was in a private hospital (Workcover) I was seen by supposedly the top psych in Vic. and with him, I kept on asking him questions, which he never answered, he wasn't interested in what I asked only from what he said.

I didn't feel comfortable at all talking with him and once I was released,I didn't see him again.

I'm sorry for what you have been through.


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I too had dealings with a Psychiatrist in a private hospital via workcover. I found him to be one of the most unpleasant people ive ever met. He didnt want to listen to me and actually checked his watch to make sure i didnt go over my 20 or 10 minutes.  Horrible experience.   Best wishes   Brett.  

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Yes I had one American psychiatrist that would tell me that my mother was telling him things that I know she would never tell him. I even had my Mum tell me directly that she didn't or never would say anything like that. I had another psychiatrist that extended my voluntary hospital admission into involuntary for a extra two weeks. Only since I said I didn't agree with my diagnosis, despite saying I would take my medication if I wasn't given a choice. He put me on a community order too and I had to go for a injection every month at this other facility.