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Evil Thoughts

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I have many anxiety attacks, and since I've been getting them, I have been having very evil thoughts in my head. I want to be a good person, and I know I am, it's just that I want these thoughts to go away. I don't want to be a bad person. I'm just worried about not getting help, and letting these thoughts control me. The thoughts that I have are very, very bad. Sometimes they scare me. Most of the time they are about heinous doings and Satan. I am seeing a psychologist's, but I am afraid to open up to them. What should I do? 

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U need to see your doctor and ur psychologist asap and tell them about these thoughts u constantly have. Maybe u need to be in anti psych meds or anti depressants, Maybe u can be referred to see a psychiatrist. Its very important that u dont act on these harmful thoughts. If you feel like your losing control go to your local emergency department in your hospital or ring one of the crisis numbers on the get support tab on this website. Its not normal to have harmful thoughts and it needs to be addressed asap. Take care x

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Chloekat is right. These thoughts need to be addressed asap.

Maybe you are not confident with the psyhc you have now and should consider seeing a different psyhc that you will able to talk to openly. 

Hope you get well soon.