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Daily extreme Anxiety for 4 months

Community Member

Suffering the same though everyday for 4 months. Anxiety is paralysing me, it feels like life is “not real”, sometimes. Only break I have is when I am able to sleep..


1) letting go, surrendering 

2) meditation 

3) reading about the topic and learning more about it.


nothing is working… 

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Community Champion
Community Champion


Anxiety is an awful feeling, and to not be able to shake it off is worse.

Whilst im no expert, i can share with you what works for me.

I named my anxiety. I put him in a box, shut the lid, and try and keep him there. Ive also been known to crack him on the head with a rubber mallet!

Have you tried speaking with your GP, or a mental health professional? They may be able to offer you some ways to deal with your feelings of anxiety.


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