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Constant dizziness/ lightheadedness

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Hi everyone, I have been suffering from anxiety for years but as of the last 7 months I find myself constantly dizzy & lightheaded, I might not even be anxious but the sensation never leaves, I have went to numerous doctors appointments and have found nothing wrong medically and been told it’s likely anxiety. Does anyone else ever have this constant feeling of being dizzy/ lightheaded? πŸ˜• 


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Hi there and welcome to the forums!  I wonder if you could be hyperventilating?  This is pretty common with anxiety.  The old treatment used to be to try breathing into a paper bag (defintely NOT plastic, just a paper bag).  Maybe with the anxiety you are doing shallow breathing and this can make you feel light-headed and dizzy.  It would be good if you could take notice of your breathing and try to remember to take calm, regular breaths, not start gulping air or taking lots of fast, small breaths?  Putting one hand on your abomen to ensure you are breathing from your tummy, not high in your chest, can help.

Anything you can do to help calm yourself and sooth yourself would be helpful.. listening to calming music, meditation for ten minutes... going for a stroll..

You will be OK!  It sounds pretty much like I used to get from anxiety, but now I never have the problem, it does go away.

I hope this helps you worry less about it - it's a well known side effect of anxiety.  Cheers and best wishes to you.

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Hi Byekt,


I am so sorry to hear about your condition! For the past couple of months, I have been experiencing the same symptoms of lightheaded and dizziness. I have been to doctor appointments and could not find any significant issues. However, I got my blood test done and found that I have a low level of Iron and B12. Have you had a blood test done? If not, I would say to give it a go if it is possible to double-check as you can take vitamin supplements to help if your situation is similar to mine. I also have been experiencing anxiety since last year after a major turning event in my life, so I thought that the lightheaded and dizziness came from stress. Another thing I would suggest is to keep yourself hydrated and try to be mindful of your nutrition intake because it could have something to do with that as well. 


I hope you will get better soon πŸ’™


Take care,