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feeling unsafe

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Hope to hear from you.

I'm currently house-minding in a different state and not feeling safe with my surroundings.  My thoughts and emotions are going through the roof with nervousness and anxiety.  I keep thinking about intruders.  Is there anyone else that feels this too and what strategies work for you?

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Valued Contributor

Hey Soozzelu, welcome to the forums! I'm so glad you're here. 


What an adventure you've embarked on house minding interstate, GO YOU! 


Oh yeah I've had years of feeling unsafe but have been working on this for a long time with my Counsellor and she's given me awesome strategies, I'll share a few... 

* keep lights on, 
* have a torch to use in any dark areas / times you may need to leave the house at night, 
* play music that makes you feel upbeat
* avoid scary movies, true crime etc etc
* do grocery shopping during the day... 

Are there any specific things that are scaring you? 


If you've committed to staying for a while and are allowed to do this, have you considered Foster Caring for a dog with local shelters or Pet Shops? They usually ask for people to foster over the weekends. 
A dog could REALLY help with company and that incredible sense they have of barking at anything. 


If you sense something really weird, you can call the Police to check up around the home. 


How are you doing tonight? 

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Champion Alumni

Hello Soozzelu, EM has given you some great ideas, but know of this unneediness when living in a strange house, but try and make a list of where the police station is, their phone number and all the appropriate help lines numbers as well, on a list that's easily obtainable.

If need be use a map system on your phone and/or pc so that you can learn the area you're in and this includes help if the car breaks down.

Keep all the doors locked as well as the windows and if need be, order your groceries for delivery, and in saying this, try not to exclude yourself from the rest of the world.

Best wishes.


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Hi, thanks for the tips!  they are helpful and a map is a great idea.  

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Hi, thanks for the tips.

Every night I'm working on calming myself but just can't seem to get rid of the anxious feeling?

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Valued Contributor

Hey Soozzelu


You're still with us! That's awesome. 


How long have you been house sitting this place? 


Love Geoff's ideas. Good ones Geoff! 


I was thinking of you today Soozzelu. I asked myself what would I do if I felt like you? I have also had to move interstate and overseas a few times for work and it can be quite freaky, so your response is perfectly normal I'd say... I hope lol. 


Do you have people back home you could call at specific times each night? 
Like one person at 7:30pm and another at 9pm or such? 


Is there a room in the house that you feel MORE safe in than the others? 


I'd play BIG DOG BARKING sounds periodically, using YouTube or such. You could also find some very calming clips on YT to play, there are so many that you can vary these. 


You can spend your WHOLE night on the forums typing away here to keep you company too. 


Getting out and about during the day could help allay any anxieties you feel when the sun goes down. 
Sitting in the local Library and reading there, borrowing some books or CDs. You'd have to join but you only need an ID I think. 

Better go, my possums have arrived for apple lol. 

Take care, 
Love EM