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lately i have been having trouble sleeping, nervous, anxious, i have had chest pain, and heart beat that feels like someone just hit me from inside out for days. 

Previously as person, i've always been calm, in control, and fairly cheerful. Though lately i have been nothing like that, i feel confused, out of control, out of reach and just in general in panic. I am not depressed or down, i still exercise as i do, but and carry on with work as i do, but i find it hard to concentrate, to focus and i find everything irritating.

I ready about the symptoms in the facts log..but is this really anxiety? As im writting this, i feel nervous, i feel like my mind is skipping from one word to another..

I am seeing a doctor tomorrow, but i'd like an input or hear about what other thinks also if this is infact normal? 

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Blue Voices Member

Hello Gt,

I am pleased that you are seeing/have seen your doctor because anything that causes chest pain and anxiety needs more than a beyondblue checklist!!!

But yes, I too feel nervous, anxious, sleepless, chest-pounding at times, and in consultation with my GP and in "knowing myself" these are aspects of Generalised Anxiety Disorder.  I'm also short of breath and "feel like I'm breathing from my tubes rather than my lungs" as the bloke on the "My Name Is Anxiety" beyondblue clip says.  (He says that because I am that bloke, but it's a true story.)

So, provided you are back to read this, and haven't actually had a heart attack, I'd suggest that yes you are "normal" in an Anxiety kind of way.

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Hi Damien,


thanks for the feedback, let me assure you I have not had a heart attack yet. I should instead said tight chest.

yes the shortness of breath and feels like I am in constant need to focus on getting air into my lungs is starting to irritate me unfortunately.

I am finding this very hard to believe (the experience) because I have never felt this before, esp the chest pounding and nervous as I am normally very calm.

is there a trait to people who suffers from anxiety? I am in my early 30s, I eat healthy, exercise everyday to make sure i have a good balance of everything, but yes I have had series of unfortunate events lately and I do work in a very high stress level job, however I have been in worst situations before by far and managed to cope without being so overwhelmed, panic and unable to cope.





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Blue Voices Member


There are some "higher risk" groups I suppose, but basically anyone can "get" Anxiety and in fact 1/4 people will at some stage.  Being young and fit, as I was when I first went down, isn't necessarily a safety, although staying healthy and fit (good diet, lots of water/sleep/air/exercise) will help you recover quicker and not get as low as sedentary "f**k this sh*t" types.

Self-care is good, and keep going on that as much as you can.  Working to avoid stress and dealing well with problems is always good.  As much as you can manage stress do that.  Some depressions are chemical (brain hormones) but as a fit person I'm sure you know about serotonin and adrenaline and keeping the good juice flowing.  Sometimes medicines can help, and psychology if the "voices" get too loud, but otherwise sometimes shit happens and we just go down.

Check out the men sections on here, and the mantherapy.org.au site for more info on health, and of course on Anxiety.

I'm pleased all went well with the doctor, and that you are on top of things with wanting to find out more information.  There's no need for shame-job so keep asking questions and demanding answers.  🙂

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Hi Damian, 

thanks for your kind info, it is really helping me to understand alot and taking more control to deal with it. 

My GP prescribed me some sleeping pills and also told me to go for a blood test which i will do in the next day or so. 

In addition to this, i have chosen to take a break from my stressful lifestyle except for work, but other pressures of life such as soccer since i play in quite a high level, and i am the goalie..which is all pressure and alot of weight on my shoulders. I hope this break may help me calm down a little and settle into it now that i know that i have GAD.

I now understand the severe nervousness and constant panic through saturday night at a family event was a panic attack. Though i am not sure why i had because i was in my own environment. 

I do want to know, does it all goes away? Or once you have, then you'll have it for life? Cheers 

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Champion Alumni

dear Gt, interesting comment you make ' once you have, then you'll have it for life', well even stage singers, and even Dame Edna still say that they have butterflies in their stomach before they go on stage, and they have being doing it for years, so it still confronts them everytime, the same as GAD, unfortunately.

The blood test is important because it indicates whether the level  of your medication is as it should be and that your liver is processing it properly, and if it isn't then the dose may have to be increased. Geoff.