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Christmas and COVID anxiety

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Hi everyone


I was just wondering if anyone else feels tingling, twitches, crawling feeling, burning and pins and needles all over their body. And if there’s anything that helps to stop it.


I felt this for the first time last Christmas and I convinced myself that I was sick with COVID, and that I’d infected everyone at my work a Christmas party and they were going to be hospitalised. I didn’t even want anyone to come to my door to drop food, and didn’t really eat for four days. I got a PCR and was fine.


I’m feeling the same things right now again. My tongue feels like it’s tingling and my fingers and my feet are getting pins and needles. My skin feels itchy and my throat feels thick. My nose feels like it’s burning and my face weird like it’s got pressure. My ears feel wrird and my scalp crawling. But only for seconds up to a minute at a time in each place.

My psychologist recommended doing things like brief high intensity cardio but I’m not finding it helpful with this type of anxiety.





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Valued Contributor



While I haven't experienced those particular sensations, anxiety can manifest in the body in many different ways. You say you've previously experienced this, and did a pcr which was ok. I'm wondering whether you've tested this time? Or whether you think doing so may be helpful? 


I've previously experienced health anxiety, which meant that I would really tune into my body and become alarmed over anything that I deemed could be abnormal. Could this be what's happening with you? Have you had any other concerns over anything else going on in your body? Or just this particular issue? To assist with my health anxiety, I literally learned to just tell myself "yeah, not going there". We can learn to get better at deciding which thoughts to tune into with practice.


I also wondering if trying the opposite of cardio might help? Relaxation/meditation? Maybe some breathing exercises. Our bodies love some nice slow deep nourishing breaths to calm the mind.