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Can't get over my trauma

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Ive had struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts for years on and off, caused by strong feelings of loneliness and worthlessness. And as a result of that , Im also scared to meet people and interact , because I fear that I'm just going to keep feeling alone no matter who I meet. And because of that I just can't not be closed off and push everyone away. And as soon as I'm a little bit attached, I catastrophize whenever something is perfect 

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Community Member

I'm sorry to read that you are feeling this way. Catastrophisation is so awful. You are NOT worthless. Can you see your GP for a mental health care plan to help with depression? Are you working at the moment? If not, maybe you could consider some volunteering. It might help keep your mind occupied and volunteering would help others, and help you realise that you are indeed a very worthy person.