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Can anxiety occur all day and has meds helped that??

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Hi all,


I was wondering if anyone else experiences anxiety over a sustained period. I hear other people talk about going though peaks of anxiety, but mine seems just constant all day and delibitating. I'm seeing my GP soon, just getting through the days till then is difficult. I also wonder if meds have helped anyone in a similar situation.







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That Other Guy
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My anxiety is very specific attacks around specific triggers, but if you're experiencing something different then it, and you, are valid.  Hold in there, talk to your GP and ask for a mental health plan so you can see a counsellor


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I've definitely experienced all day anxiety. I suffer particularly bad health anxiety, to the point where I was worried if I was breathing properly. Stuff like that can be quite debilitating and exhausting.


In my case, meds did help. It's different for everyone, so have a chat with your GP to work out what the best solution for you is. All the best!

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Hi Safes

You are not alone with ongoing anxiety issues at all. Yes anxiety can occur all day (and sometimes at night depending on our symptoms)

Yes...meds do help yet are never a fix all as they are best used in conjunction with ongoing GP/Counsellor visits. Good on you for already engaging your GP Safes 🙂


Any questions are always welcome. Anxiety symptoms do reduce in severity when meds and regular GP visits are combined


Thankyou for being a part of the forum family


my kind thoughts, Paul

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Safes,


I’m sorry you are feeling this way I understand it’s hard.


I have a lived experience of severe anxiety OCD and yes while I was experiencing this I felt anxious all day.


I did go on antidepressants to help me to manage my anxiety and I also did therapy.


I believe both go hand in hand, I’ve now recovered but it takes time.


it’s great you are seeing your gp soon.


You really can learn to manage your anxiety with the correct help.