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Big job decision = big anxiety

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I have been offered a new job at a different company which would be a promotion, increase in responsibilities and a pay rise. My anxiety has kicked in and i am an emotional wreck. I know this new job is a great opportunity however the thought of resigning and going through the process of leaving and starting new is terrifying. I know that without taking risks there will be no reward but I still feel extremely anxious

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear Cate26~

I guess the first thing to say is congratulations on being offered the new job. Just the offer is a compliment.


Do you mind if I ask if the job you are thinking of leaving is the one where you were so nervous and unhappy you broke down? If so has that started to settle down now?


I suppose the decision depends upon your circumstances, with rent rises and all the other increasing costs in life it may be necessary to get a better paying job, then maybe you have no choice.


I would imagine stay or go you will be worrying and fretting over this for quite some time. If you are not doing so already could you see your GP in an extended consultation, explain how you have been feeling and see what happens?


If you are lucky enough not to be dictated by finances then maybe it will boil down to the nature of the work involved.. Do you think the new position will have work you enjoy -more than what you are doing now? Some people will always head for the promotion and pay, while others value the satisfaction they may have now or will have as the deciding factor.


Difficult to decide by yourself, and a difficult time ahead eihter way. May I ask if you have anyone in your life -family or a friend perhaps, who you can talk things over with and be cared for?






Thank you for replying. The job I am leaving was the one that I was very nervous at. However I will probably be anxious wherever I work. I think I am worrying myself to the point of panic about resigning. It just sucks to be this anxious about a great opportunity. 

Dear Cate26~

Yes, having the burden of nervousness with you whatever you decide is pretty horrible, I'd think it also makes decision making harder. You did say you would be anxious at the new job. I know you have been anxious at the old one.


Do you think it is tme to look at ways of becoming less anxious in life, no mater what the job? Worry about resigning something you know to go to the unknown is a worry - no doubt about it, however your worry came before this and you anticipate it will continue on in any job.


I know from my own experiencing that is no way to live, and help can be found. Imaging a life less ruled by anxiety. It is worth the effort to see what can be done.


Do you think that might be a good idea?



Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Cate26


The first thing that came to mind when I read your post was 'Courage'. Like most folk, I once tended to see courage as this kind of strong and fearless thing. There is so much more to it. Courage can be a mix of fear and fearlessness, vulnerability and putting our self out there, self confidence and self doubt, determination and uncertainty. There is just so much to it. As courage churns around within us, gradually building and rising, we feel the churn. It is emotion (energy in motion) and at times it may be labeled as anxiety. No matter what we choose to call it, it is courage and sometimes courage needs to be managed.


I think few of us are taught how to identify and manage courage as we're growing up. So, the question becomes 'How to do it?'. Until your post, I'd never considered skill development when it comes to working with courage. Btw, I thank you for raising my consciousness. Maybe the question we face at times is really 'How to manage courage?' instead of 'How to manage anxiety?'. What you're setting out to achieve is without a doubt courageous, therefor it could be a rise to courage that you may be feeling.


With 'Courage' coming from the Latin word 'Cor' (heart), courage is a feeling that definitely impacts our heart rate.