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Anxiety caused by sick people

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Hey all im looking for help to try overcome a trigger of mine. Ever since covid i have developed anxiety when ever i come in contact with someone that is sick or has a partner that is sick. I tend to spend days worrying if im going to get sick or not and it’s effecting my day to day life and sleep. It never was a issue in the past but only developed ever since covid started. 

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Hi, welcome 


Intrusive thoughts and worry are 2 things that shaped my daily life some decades ago. They are harmful and often require therapy to allow yourself to discount those tendencies.


During such therapy I was taught to ask myself "is this thought realistic "?  Eg I'm driving along and imagining my car breaking down, there's steam coming out. It's not real so such imagination creates only worry. Worry produces ulcers and nothing productive.


Please google these-


Beyondblue topic worry worry worry 

Beyondblue topic distraction and variety 


Sometimes we need stable professionals to steer us on the right track.