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Anxiety Sucks

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Anxiety has effected my life in ways I could never imagine, and I only just sat down and reflected on what it's done to me. I haven't been sleeping well, my appetite has been ruined (And I LOVE FOOD), I can't stop shaking, and I'm constantly afraid that I'm going to start freaking out in front of people.

My counsellor has described what I go through as panic attacks. Feel sick, short of breathe, shaking. It's every day. It's exhausting, I don't want to do it anymore...

The biggest thing I want is for someone to ask me if I'm ok. I would tell them how I'm feeling. Just them asking proves to me that they care. But no one does..

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hey Kaiya E,


Thank you so much for posting here, I'd like to welcome you to our forums. 


Panic attacks are no fun at all, I completely understand you. I've had them for a number of years now. A helpful tip I've picked up is to distract yourself with something stationary in the room, or (I learnt this one from one of my friends), start thinking of three things you can see, three things you can hear, three things you can feel, which should get your mind focused on something else too. 


I also know the feeling of wanting somebody to ask how you're feeling. If you would feel comfortable, would there be somebody close to you who you could confide in about your anxiety? Family members, friends, colleagues perhaps? If you would be uncomfortable going to anybody in your personal life, you could always have a chat to a GP about seeing a therapist, psychologist, or counsellor, and they may even be able to offer some professional advice on managing your anxiety throughout your daily life, or even restoring your appetite. 


I hope you this advice can help you, please feel free to keep chatting with us if you'd like to. We're here to support you.


Take care, SB

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi there,


I am sorry you are going through this. I would suggest maybe seeing a psychologist who specialises in panic disorder. But first, maybe see your GP and see what they suggest in the ways of medication and therapy.


It is never fun to go through this, but there is help and hope. You are not alone and there is light at the end of the tunnel. With the right help and support, you will get there. Call on friends and family for support too, and of course the forums!


I hope things improve soon,


Jaz xx

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi KaiyaE,


Welcome to the forums and thank you for posting your story. I hope in joining the forums you feel somewhat connected to a wider community and also feel that you can come here if you need support as you mentioned. 💙


Anxiety and panic attacks suck for sure! I used to experience frequent panic attacks which was very debilitating and stopped me from working, socialising and even relaxing in my own home. The main symptom for me was constant worry accompanied with your typical physical symptoms. I found using 'thought challenging exercises' (questioning why I fell afraid or guilty etc) helpful alongside regular physical activity. I would recommend you have a chat with your counsellor about exploring some simple options about combating anxiety/panic attacks as it can be incredibly liberating. There is some basic info on reachout.com on some simple breathing exercises linked here.


Like you, I would also struggle with feeling alone as not many of my friends have ever had experience with anxiety. Unfortunately I never explored the option but would have liked to try going to some sort of anxiety or mental health support group once a week or month to help with this. Perhaps have a chat with your counsellor to see if they know of any in the area or online that might be helpful.


Hope this helps and keep us updated. 😊



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Hi Kaiya.    Im sorry to read of what your going through.  You have come to a place where people do care and are interested to know how you are coping with things. I was wondering what your day had ahead for you .Do you have family or friends you see.      Beaser

Mark Z.
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi KaiyaE,


How are you feeling today? Are you ok?


I want to encourage you because you have good self awareness and correct knowledge. Yes anxiety sucks, but it's your mental illness, it's not you. You're fighting it bravely, in a right way, which is, to keep seeing your counsellor, and follow your plan. Well done!


Don't lose hope, give your self more time, if you think it's too much for you, take a breath. Celebrate every progress, big or small. 


When you say no one is caring, do you want to share what's the recent response of your family and close friends? If you feel it's hard to rely on them for some reason, we're here to listen and help. Feel free to share more details of your story when you're ready.


Hope everything will be all right.