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Anxiety is taking over my life

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I've suffered from anxiety since I was a little girl and have been on medication for it for the past 6 years. 16 months ago I gave birth to my first son and am due to be married later this year, I am completely happy with my little family and my husband to be. I have recently got a new job the first since having my son. Since this change my anxiety has just spiralled out of control. I can't eat, I can't sleep I constantly feel unwell it's driving me crazy. I've tried deep breathing relaxation and all of that to try and convince myself I'm not anxious but nothing works and I'm at my wits end. I have a family to raise and this anxiety is preventing me from doing that. I also have a very irrational fear of throwing up which absolutely consumes me when I'm at work or getting ready for work on top of all that when my body becomes too stressed it shuts down and I pass out, this does not help the anxiety because now I'm worrying about that too.. 

Please someone give me some advice I'm completely lost and feel absolutely pathetic that I can't control my own anxiety.. 

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hello, oh dear anxiety and PNA ( post natal anxiety), if you google this 'is anxiety a PND issue', it has many sites to look at.

These maybe able to inform you about what you are suffering from, and your doctor will be able to help you.

Feeling as though we are going to vomit, this certainly makes your tummy churn, and yes we do talk ourselves into this, it's just something we always do, and even the slightest churn this then puts us into the process again.

This may seem to be a useless fact, but when I was in the same stage as you are, it was because my stomach was empty, so I braved myself by having something to eat. This made me feel better. L Geoff. x

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This is the first time I have looked at this site and your post was the first I read. Your story just grabbed me because I felt as if I was reading my own. Life is scary right now and well I'm a bit at loss as well to know how to cope. My kids need there mum but at the moment. I find it all difficult, my wedding is in 4 mths and as much as I want it I can't see how I am going to get thru the day.