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Trying to live with anxiety

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Hi I'm new to this forum I've been living for years with anxiety mostly it's not too bad but occasionally it spirals out of control, I've tried talking to my family but they just sit there and say they don't understand. At the moment it just flared up with a vengeance because my much loved elderly dog is very sick. It's driving me crazy went to the doctor and he put me on benzodiazepines but I don't want to take drugs too much but in the short term I will. Just needing someone to talk to that understands, so that's why I joined this forum
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dear Gopeel, hello and welcome aboard.

I can well and truly understand how you feel about your dog and I wish I knew it's name.

My little Tessie in the photo had to have an operation to remove a cancer growth on her inner leg, just awhile ago, and I was a nervous wreck, all those thoughts that run through our mind are awful, and I presume that us depressed people always think the worst, that's the negativity from this illness we get.

We love our animals, and in your case and mine it concerns dogs.

I have been toying on whether to get another dog, and the day Tessie had the op. I decided that I would, and when I manage to have a photo of her I will post it. She's another short haired jack russell which my son had but she would eat Marcie's my little grand-daughter's food and kiss her all over her face, so they gave her to me.

I got her for one reason and that's when (I can't say it ) I would have the other dog, and her name is Mindy.

These doggies mean the world to us, and we somehow expect them to live forever, and the thought of not having them is so stressful which does increase our anxiety, and this is so unbearable, that I know completely how you feel.

I just hope and wish that you have much more extra time with the puppie you love so dearly. Geoff.

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Dear Gopeel,

Spiralling out of control / flares up / just needing someone to understand - all great descriptions of Anxiety.  I would add unexpected / sudden / pain in the neck.

The worst part of anxiety seems to be living with people that don't get it.  There is a whole section on Anxiety further down the Section listings (past Depression) if you want to read some old or new posts in the same area.  It's a big section.

Your mention of taking meds "in the short term" was beautiful.   It showed your awareness and hope to find a way past these difficult times.  Good on ya.

Adios, David.

PS   My dog ran over the road today as she was couped up with all the rain and then decided to prepare for a ball throw a bit too early.  Gee, there must have been a car go through only 1 second earlier.  My fault, I should have used the lead.  Normally I don't have problem.  Clearly a case of doggie anxiety to play ! 


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Hi Gopeel, years of anxiety, yep,  that's me,  i understand.  I find flare ups so frustrating because you remember yourself coping two weeks ago and then all of a sudden your a wreck.

I have had two weeks now of not coping.  I still get to work and do the things i need to but it's all an effort and totally overwhelming.  I cannot crack the back of it.  The things that used to work- getting extra sleep taking,  extra medication,  seeing my psychologist,  have not worked for this flare up. It's horrible and I have lost patience with it. 

At this stage i'm just keeping on going. Doing the important things that give my life meaning and coherence.

 On medication this is a path that not everyone can walk. I am stuck on them after years of using them when i was incrediably anxious.  I weaned myself off one medication but an still stuck on a second one. Its a neverending journety to the g.p. and i hate them. I agree with your caution. They do have their place but it is short term treatment with a discharge plan.  Don't let your g.p. give you inlimited repreats with no end in sight. It is another nightmare you don't need.  I'm not medically trained so others may disagree,  but I am now stuck on them and while they help short term, they have not taught me anything about anxiety management.

 Look after yourself. Breath. Get a facial. Eat regularly. I hear that your anxiety is horrible and am thinking of you.

 Take care ,  sare