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Anxiety and employment.

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Hi and best wishes to everyone.

I was wondering how people cope at times with the thought of changing employment. I been in one job for the past 12and a half years in that time i have had mental health issues and they have been more than supportive and understanding especially with my needing time off. I m just feeling that i need a fresh start and have had a interview recently. The reason being i feel that my work is also affecting my mental health with having to put up with unhappy and disenchanted colleagues,basically workplace politics. Im really scared do i need to make a change or put up with the downside of my job. It has got to the stage where i wake at night and stress about going to work because of the politics and constant negativaty. The idea of starting a new job also scares me. Im just not sure of what to do. Brett

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Hi Brett,

I completely hear you. Changing employment especially when you have been there for a significant amount of time can seem very scary. It is really good to hear though that you have started to think about your mental health and wellbeing which is so incredibly important. Someone once told me that the scariest things can often be the most rewarding. For my personally, I really related to what you wrote because a healthy work environment is really important to me. Starting a new job is always challenging or scary but if it can turn out to be where you are happier then it will be so rewarding. It might be an idea to write out lists of pros and cons! That helps me sometimes when making big decisions!

We are here for you!

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Community Champion

Hi Beaser,

I understand the anxiety around changing jobs especially if you have been at the same company for a long time.

I understand that your current job has a lot of negativity in the workplace.

What I will say is you can always “ choose “ how you react to this negativity….

We can either get involved in the negativity and allow it to suck us in and drain our energy or we can choose to not interact with the negativity and just stay in your own lane………. If you can learn to be positive in a negative situation you win because you learn to not allow the negativity to get inside you. ( it takes practice) but you can master it.

Set your own energy to vibrate high so any low energy just shakes right off you.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Beaser,

I totally understand your point of view, I worked at a similar workplace for 4 years, I wanted to leave earlier on due to the negativity but I was not ready to.

However when I overcame my fear of change and got a new job - I wished I had done it sooner!

Some food for thought, You will work it out !

Jaz xx

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Thank you everyone for for your great input into my situation. Its amazing how much people who have experienced similar things can contribute and help others. I have so much respect for this community.


I'm so glad that you have found our responses helpful! You are definitely not alone and we really want to support you!

How have you been feeling recently by the way!

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HI Missep. Thankyou for your reply.

I have been ok but a bit stressed about my recent job application. I managed to get a second interview . Unfortunately my nerves and anxiety got the better of me and i decided to not go any further and told them this at my second interview. I messaged them to say thank you and they replied and told me i was at the top of the list . I have been where i am for roughly 15 years and they are aware of my issues and support me with a 4 day week and time off when i need it . I guess stepping away from this is scary to me even though im not happy there, so it a tough situation. Im 56 in March so i probably need to look at something that suits my mental health needs. I guess being somewhat successful with this first try is a win and a start. Its just hard knowing what to do .. Thank you again Brett.

Hi Brett!

I can hear you - it can be really scary to try something new! I like what you said about this first try being a win and a start - it completely is! You were even at the top of their list. That's an incredible achievement. I think it's very true, it is so important to find something that suits your mental health needs. It sounds like your current work is supportive but if you are not happy there I think your happiness is very important to mental health.

All in all you have started the process and it really sounds like you have started to think about your happiness and wellbeing. That's a great first step!

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So i find myself agonising over work again.. Ive almost come to the conclusion that i need to resign.

I have spoke to my phycologist and i told him how i constantly lay in bed dreading the day ahead because of work . He agrees its not worth it when it gets to that and i need to leave.. My work has been good and so helpful but the job itself and the toxicity of some of the people is all to much. Ive been there 13 years and i feel im done. I cant help but think i would feel better about life in general without the stress it is causing me.

I have a small mortgage and would have about 12 weeks leave payed out. So i have a bit of a buffer.

Is any job worth torturing yourself for. ? Im sure some people would have had similar experiences

MY best wishes to everyone Brett.

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I believe after many years of suffering from social anxiety that it pervades into your work life and can cause this kind of fear response. I feel the same anxiety towards work as currently am going through a tough patch with stress in all aspects of my life . Usually these feelings will usually pass after visiting my psychiatrist ( of many years) and modifying medication and reassuring words.
I hope you finished working and found something with less stress !! All the best