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Anxiety and alcohol

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Hi Everyone,


I’ve been struggling mental health issues for about 18 months now. Anxiety has been a real problem for me in the last few months and I’ve fallen into a trap of drinking alcohol most nights as a way to deal with it. 

I’ve been given some techniques to try and help it and sometimes they have an effect but most often it’s over powering and I turn to alcohol. 

I’m generally a social drinker and prior to this bout rarely drunk at home but I can’t recall the last alcohol free day I had. 

Has anyone else been in a similar situation and how did you deal with it?


I haven’t seen my GP for a little while but not really sure what he’s going to be able to do about it anyway?



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Community Champion

Dear Rupes79~

I've read some of your other posts and know that you already have had a fair amout of treatment for things stemming from past trauma, such as anxiety.


OK, so at the moment you have found you need more, and alcohol seems to fit the bill.


From reading your posts it's given me the impression you are the sort of person that can clearly see the downsides of drink (which I guess is why you are posting about it here), but are stuck as to how to steer away from it.


This is a situation an awful lot of people have to face.


Yes, sure, see you GP and see what is recommended. That could be a good way of reviewing everything anyway - perhaps even assisting with the EMDR you were considering too.


However medical services are not always available right at the instant you need them and you may consider a support group - and possibly a support buddy - which has a quite different approach might be a possibility.


Alcoholics-anonymous (AA) is of course the most famous one and can be very effective. If they are not suitable for whatever reason there are others, in which case I'd suggest ringing our 24/7 help line (1300 22 4636) to see if they can make a suggestion for a support group in oyur area


Please let us know how you get on






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Champion Alumni

Hello Rupes, if you were a social drinker then it's very easy to extenuate this after a home incident that has been caused not by you, but someone else or perhaps being put in a difficult situation and then feel as though having a drink will then make you cope with what's happened, and then it becomes a habit, this isn't your fault and you can't blame yourself.

So what can develop is where you have a driunk at home, expecting something to go wrong, whether or not this happens may be too late because once you start drinking it continues.

Your doctor can prescribe medicate to stop any urge to drink, but this will only work when you want to stop and consult someone to process your thinking and help you cope with any events causing you to drink.

I've been to AA but it didn't suit me as every week the same people stood up and told exactly the same story every week which was appropriate to listen to once or twice but not again and again, as a new comer like myself wasn't confident standing up and telling everyone about my situation


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Hi Croix


Yes I’m a little bit all over the place I know. Sorry about that. Thanks for the suggestions.

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Community Champion

Dear  Rupes79~

There is absolutely no need to apologize, when you are facing difficulties it is quite normal to feel you are not as clear as you might want - however that is not the case. Your past posts set out the problems, and your current Topic sets out a hassle you have dealing with it all.


So please do continue to seek assistance, after all doing things by yourself can be unrealistic. I tried to get out of depression and anxiety and other matters by myself and it simply got worse. Later, with proper help I turned around.


I'd imagine it is the same with alcohol.


As Geoff says, a doctor can give you meds to help if you want to stop, but by itself that may not be enough, both treating the original cause and also dealing each time with an urge to drink by having a buddy or some set routine can make matters happen.


So please don't start out thinking you are beaten by alcohol, you are not, you simply have to set things up so you succeed.