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No motivation. Overwhelmed. Stressed.

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I’ve been overwhelmed ever since I was a kid and now as a teenager in high school it really hits hard. 

I have no motivation for anything anymore, I just feel so lazy and I feel that I have no energy for anything. It’s hard to focus in classes and I’m easily distracted now. I can’t seem to focus on one thing, and whenever things get too difficult I give up and shy away. I’m constantly stressed all the time and dreading for the worst everyday. I used to be responsible but everything gets too much and I can’t handle things anymore. I start to panic and or break down and I hate it. Anxiety attacks or whatever you call it. I really really can’t with myself. Some days I’ll be fine, but then nights like this, I feel like empty, upset, sad. I hate this feeling and it does hurt. Am I weak? I don’t have any self-motivation and waste my time on the things I shouldn’t but it can’t be helped. I’ve reached out to my counsellor at school but it was not help for me, I took their advice but nothing changes.


I want to get better I really do, I want to accept myself, be confident in myself, love myself but I can’t. I can’t do that and its tiring, I’m tired of trying. I fall back into old habits and can’t get out of them. Then i’m stuck in this constant loop of feeling like this. I get real moody and aggressive whenever I feel like this and again with intrusive  thoughts, I get those all the time. My anxiety is too much and I just want to cry and run away. 


What do I do? What can I do? To stop having anxiety? To stop overthinking? To stop criticising myself? To stop breaking myself down whenever I get better? To stop pitying myself? To just get better.


Thank you all and Kudos..

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello and Welcome. I noticed you made another post in another area (?) but hey ...


Please also do not thin the shortness of this post ignores everything you mentioned in your post. There is one thing that I really want you know ... you questioned whether you were weak.


I want you to know that you are NOT weak. It just means you are human. 


As for the rest, I will answer that in a separate post later on. I hope you get to see this post and allow me to chat with you more.

Hi BlxrryFace,

Thank you for this really open, honest and vulnerable post you've shared with us here. We've had a look at your last post and all of the responses there, and we can hear that you've been feeling stuck, as though you can't reach out for the support you need - and when you have (ie school counsellor) you didn't feel it was helpful enough.

We hear you. Mental health journeys are not all the same, but sharing is a powerful step towards feeling better. In your other post you've mentioned that you need to be older to see your GP and discuss this, however if we have your age correct, we want you to know that you are old enough to visit your GP and to have a confidential chat with them about what has been going on for you. 

Please don't hesistate to contact us via phone on 1300 22 4636, via our online chat service here if you ever want to talk (24/7), and also continue to stay in touch with our friends at KidsHelpLine on 1800 55 1800 (they're awesome, aren't they?)....

Speaking out is so important, and you've done that here in this post so, well done. Good work, BlxrryFace... you're already a star in our eyes.

Kind regards,

Sophie M