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Feeling trapped inside my mind

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My mind is my enemy.
Living inside my head, I watch life pass me by.
Trapped within the chaos of my mind, I am not free.
Racing thoughts and urgent emotions, I cannot slow down.
The thoughts are strong and emotions are stronger, they overpower me.
They push their way, isolating me.
A solitary confinement of my own chaos; cannot form connections, I am lonely.
The occupied void is closing in on me, I cannot breathe.
It am suffocating, I cannot see.
I know I am different, my thoughts are not me.
I'm stuck in a loop, I just can't break free.

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Dear SBS,

We are grateful you've decided to post this poem here.

We would like to encourage you to talk to your GP about setting up a mental health plan so you can get several sessions with a mental health professional. The professional should be able to guide you through this process without judgement. This would make the process safe for you.

Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed, you can call our mental health specialists for a quick chat on 1300 22 4636, or Lifeline on 13 11 14. Both services are available 24 hours per day, every day of the year.

Warm regards,

Sophie M.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi there,


Thank you for sharing this poem here. Are you feeling okay?


If the words you write are representative of something going on, it is important for you to seek help. Have you spoken to your GP or mental health professional about this?


I hope things improve,

Jaz xx

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni



Im so sorry you are feeling this way and your words really resonated with me in a big way.


I understand completely, please know you CAN break free!


I was once stuck in my head it was a very distressing debilitating place to be I didn’t know how to escape the vicious cycle within my mind that was constantly trying to pull me deeper and deeper it was the most hardest thing I have ever been through.


I felt as though my thoughts where just not me they went against everything I stood for as a person and they absolutely terrified me sending my anxiety to severe levels and enduring daily panic attacks I just couldn’t escape it………….


Until I seeked  professional help I was diagnosed with severe anxiety OCD my journey took me to a clinic that specialised in the condition and I was given all that tools and skills I needed to break free.


It took time, perseverance, determination and alot of practice and I’m now free of the vicious cycle of OCD.


Im not a doctor and I can’t diagnose but you could see a gp and discuss your thoughts and how they are affecting your life.


You could also see a clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist who can do a diagnosis if you want to.


Once you receive the help you need you will begin to fly but it’s not something you can endure alone.


Please come back to me and ask me any questions.