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Anxiety and advice on mental support

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Hi, I’ve always struggled with social anxiety and it has been always hard for me to meet new people and make friends. It takes several times before I feel comfortable with someone and all the tasks (except for work) that involves going out my home in a social environment, often give me a stomachache and the need to go to the bathroom. 
I think the main issue is that I’m not feeling confident with myself and I often feel ugly and different. 
My situation improved the last years when I had to care for my son and my partner (that suffered from depression in a different way). 
Last year I moved here in Australia with my family so that we can stay closer to my partner’s parents and improve her situation, but after a few months she broke up with me and now I feel like I’m at the same point I started 9 years ago, plus the only people I know here are related to her. I spent the last five months just working and staying at home, without seeing anyone after work, except for my son when I got him the weekend. I’d like to change and find a way i can make friends and enjoy my life. 
I apologise for my English as is not my first language. 

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Community Champion

hello and welcome.


firstly, you apologised for your English. I just want to tell you that you write very well!


I can only imagine how isolating and difficult this season of life must feel for you. Moving to support your partner, only for the relationship to end shortly after. 🙂


Be compassionate with yourself as you take small steps back into community. What sort of things do you like? Are there groups in your community that could join? (In my experience, creating new relationships takes time.)


Your worth is not at all measured by your looks or perceived "differences." You have so much to offer and there are people who will appreciate you for the caring father and partner you are.


Wishing you patience and hope as you work to decrease isolation. Also listening if you want to chat some more.