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Should I move back to my old school?

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Hi, I'm a Year 9 student who's not too fond of my new school

So I recently moved to a private school that was about 30 minutes away by car. Meaning I would wake up really early in order to get ready for school, which was one reason I didn't like it.
The second reason was that the school as it turns out was quite racist. I didn't fit in anywhere because a case came up recently where I was called the N-word. I, of course, reported it to the teachers and they gave punishment the student. But now almost everyone in my grade thinks I'm a snitch.
The people I do hang out with are as bad because they vape and get into trouble multiple times a day, even trying to invite me into some of their shenanigans.
The reason I joined the new school was that my old school had a terrible reputation and there were students in my class that didn't let me work. So when my parents decided on transferring me to a better school jumped at the opportunity.

I complained to my mum about the new school to the point where she asked the office if we could switch campuses or get a refund on the school
Note that this is a very expensive private school with two campuses
So they put on me on a waiting list to switch campuses and gave us a card if we wanted to get a refund.
During this stage, she was sick of all my issues so she finally asked me if I wanted to go back to my old school, now that we could possibly get a refund.

I didn't want to rush into a decision as I did with the new school so I thought it through with old friends. 
And as it turned out, the bad people in my old school class had been expelled
I don't want to wait to switch campuses because I definitely won't get a spot in the other campus this year 
and I can't risk going through the same thing I did with this campus. It's safer if I just went back to my old school. It is very cheap, very close to my house, and I know I will be fine with friends because I was friends with almost everyone in my grade.


And there are few really good teachers if I needed help with anything
The reason I don't know if I should go back is that my dad and siblings are not on-board with me going back. They want me to learn to survive in this school and have a good education. But what's the point of a good education if you don't want to go to school every day?

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Hi shnl,


Sounds like you are in a tough position. I can see valid points for both arguments. I should let you know that once you are in year 11 things seem to change socially in a school quite a lot. The pressure of the HSC changes people, students are more focused on their studies, and social circles no longer seem as important as they used to. If I were in your position, I think I would probably go with the school that has the better average scores for the HSC as this is ultimately more important in my opinion. Friends are very important to but are you able to still see your old school friends after school and on weekends? 


Also, when you first move to a school (especially in year 9) it is difficult as the new kid as everyone has already settled in socially. These growing pains can last almost a year but it definitely gets easier from personal experience. You will find in time that you attract/gravitate toward students who are likeminded and have similar interests to you. You might even make some life long friends. 


It may also be good to chat things over with the school counsellor as well.


Let me know what you think. Please keep us updated and remember to take care of yourself.