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Please help me!

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Hi, before this this stupid caronavirus outbreak,I was working in a infant school as a teacher assistant. I loved my job so much and also the kids loved me. When the oubreak happened they decided to shut down the school and now I'm back to where I was before (stuck at home doing nothing) and it's driving me so insane that I have the urge to scream and make drama to my family and they are sick of me because that's how bored I am and they don't seem to understand. It's getting worse and I don't know how to keep myself occupied while i'm in isolation without getting angry over silly things. I always ask my mum to buy me some gym equipment online but she refuses. That's why I make drama saying stuff like "You rather buy stuff for my sister but not for me?" My sister told me that I should get a job. I tell her "how dare you say that when we are in a crisis". I also got angry with that. Please help. I don't wanna feel like this anymore.
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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hey there,

After reading your post, I just want to let you know that it's perfectly okay to feel angry and feel the way you do right now - a lot of people are feeling the same thing, so you're definitely not alone. This isolation can make people feel a bit distressed and "boxed in", and sometimes being under the same roof as your family during this isolation can end up driving you mad; this is normal. This is okay. Just remember that while it may feel like forever, this isolation is only temporary. There will come a time when it will pass by, but for now we've got to do our bit and stay inside as much as possible.

From your post, I've gathered that you want to keep fit and want to engage in some physical activity to maintain some sort of routine throughout this temporary isolation. Maybe your parents may not be able to buy you exercise equipment, but you could try going outside for a run or doing some exercise outside (such as yoga) that doesn't require you to be in contact with people. Lots of people are still going out for runs and walks during this isolation which is allowed, as long as some distance is maintained whilst outside. There are also lots of YouTube videos with exercise routines to do in your own home, so they might be worth checking out.

Another thing to keep you occupied would be some form of meditation. Google "types of meditation" and discover what feels right for you. Meditation is not only a good way to relax your body, but it also is a good way to pass time and allow yourself to sort of "escape". If you practice meditation enough, you can sometimes get carried away and end up meditating for hours without realising it! Even check out YouTube videos that have people talk you through meditation.

Don't forget to also do things you enjoy! If exercise is something you enjoy but you find you can't do it as often, try doing other activities you enjoy, e.g. talking to friends online, watching movies, painting, etc. Maybe even pick up a new hobby while you're at it! Just remember that it's 100% okay to feel angry and frustrated during these times; in fact, being happy all the time would probably be a little concerning. Remember to look after yourself and those around you, and by being isolated you're doing your bit to help keep others safe.

Thanks . That all helped me a lot. But mind you, I have a germ phobia. I had that ever since I was a 13 year old girl and now I am 25. Ever since this pandemic happened, I have been even more scared then ever to go outside of my house and I don't know what to do. Please be honest, Should I even be scared or am I just overdoing it?

Hi Sara,

I can see how a germ phobia would make life extra difficult . But Australia has very low rates of community transmission at the moment so if you wash your hands and do social distancing you should be fine.


Hi Saraneedsyourhelp,

I can totally understand this is a very challenging time! From your post I can see the frustration, I get it, I'm frustrated too with this situation.

It sounds like you really love your job as a teacher's assistant, how would it make you feel if you thought about when you can go back?

channyp01 has some great ideas! I especially like the outdoor exercise one but I can completely understand about your germ phobia. How have you coped with your phobia in the past?

We're here for you!