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Hey so I’ve never posted here before so it’s a bit weird, but lately times have been tough especially with my thoughts, they just go places and they make me believe things. I’m really struggling and I’m not sure what to do. Any advice?
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Community Champion
Community Champion

Grace W welcome to the forum.

Thoughts are thoughts and they can be challenged . let go of, and changed.

Sometimes I think people dont like then I ask myself is this trued do i have any evidence.

Is there anyone you can speak to. ? It can overwhelming at times, and sometimes we may need to cal our minds with mindfulness.

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Hey Grace! So good that you are reaching out!!! I have recently made my first post and am in the same situation. I'm really sorry if you've heard this before but I personally like to express my thoughts to people who I know will listen (which is what I'm missing at the moment) and discuss each others issues. Also know that what you have mentioned is normal and it's so good that you are coming on here for advice as I did the same yesterday! Hope you are doing okay 🙂

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Hi Grace W, welcome.

Overthinking is tough, but that, and what you wrote, is common. You're not alone.

Do you have any thing you like doing to distract yourself, such as playing games, etc?

PS - hi B Maff, your profile picture is adorable. I remember welcoming you to your thread, so hi again.