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New in Sydney and struggling to make friends

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Hi! Am a stay at home mum of teenagers and I don't really have friends to hang around or even chat with since I'm new in Sydney (3yrs). I hope I can find nice people here who would like to chat and create a new friendship.

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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Marie08, welcome to the forums! 


I laughed at the new to Sydney because 3y IS new! Not being able to get out much in the past couple of years has made it virtually impossible to get out and make friends. 


I'm a working mum with lots of teens at home. I work full time but have lots of leave accrued, being in my profession for decades. So I'm a stay at home mum for many months of the year. My fiance works and lives in the U.S. We don't see each other often atm. He is not the father of the children. That person is not in any of our lives which is a good thing for us, believe me! 


Have you got any ideas of how to connect with others in real life, as well as our cheery place here? 


What are your interests? 


We have a loverly self-care thread on BB if you want to have a peek? 


Hopefully you pop back in so we can chat some more and WELCOME TO SYDNEY (even though we don't live there lol)

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Marie08,


Wellcome to our forums.


Please know that we are all a very friendly, nice community and would be happy to chat to you.


Have you tried to join any sporting groups in Sydney? It may be a way to meet new people.


Looking forward to seeing you around the forums.

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello Marie08,


Welcome to Sydney : )


With the current state of the world, it can be hard to get out there and meet new people. If your children have friends at school, maybe invite their friends and parents over for lunch/dinner. Most schools in Sydney also have a P&C where parents can join and help out with events and other things at the school. This could be another great way to meet people. 


Perhaps you could also join a class or community social group. There are classes and workshops that run for a few weeks. Spending a few weeks with people could be a great way to form bonds. There are all sorts of classes such as art, craft, cooking, exercise. Sydney also has a lot of social groups for people with similar interests, specific talents (e.g. musical instruments) or historical preservation. These groups usually have regular meetings. Lastly, you might also like to volunteer for a charity, at a Salvation Army store or even with Beyond Blue to help organise/run events. 


Hope this helps!