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Lack of all motivation

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I'm in my final year oh high school and I have been doing well in terms of grades and managing my work load and had a general idea of what I wanted to do after school. but in the last month or so I have lost all my motivation to complete work and I don't have any idea on what I'm meant to do after school, I feel lethargic and simply I just don't want to do school anymore but I know I need to finish. any advice or tips?

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Hi Sens,


Welcome to the forum and sharing your experience. 

It's great to hear you have been doing well in your high school thus far and I hope you are proud about that!


Final year can be a very stressful time and it's not uncommon what you are going though as life can get monotonous when you put all your energy towards your study goal. I experienced something very similar during my university studies, specially since it got dragged and delayed due to my course change. I ended up losing the appetite to study or focus on getting good grades. 


I had to pause and rethink what had gone wrong. Then I realised I wasn't living life, instead studying all day everyday. After that I decided to change my routine to include some socialising time with friends and active time to spend outside doing something fun, without compromising my studies of course. This improved my productivity during my studies heavily. 


Regarding not knowing what to pursue after high school, this may be a blessing in disguise because perhaps your goal in life has changed now as you keep learning things. It may be a good time to speak to counsellors in school or trust worthy adults in your life to get some guidance on your future goals.


Hope this brings some insight in to your life.

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Hi sens,

I am probably not the best person to advise on this as I am only in year 9 but what you described is exactly how I feel this year I am right now mid-diagnosis for depression but it is obvious that it is. I have found that talking to my teachers about what is happening is a great way to start you said that you were doing good in terms of grades but because of this empty feeling, I assume that some of them have gone down. the teachers in my school have noticed this and I assume they would with yours as well. if you have a school counsellor I suggest going to them and asking them to talk to the teachers on your behalf or if you don't have a counsellor talking to a trusted teacher could also work. I would explain that you have been feeling down and lost motivation and if they could be a little more understanding if you don't get the work in on time, (don't use these exact words just say what makes you comfortable). I have found that even the strictest of teachers might find a way to make it easier for you.


also spend some time (30min - 1 hour) as soon as you get home to do something you like, this could be playing a game, reading, watching TV or even just sitting in bed before starting homework/study for me this has made the workload much better as it makes you feel like a person and not like the only thing you do is school.


hope this helps and good luck on your last year of school 🙂