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Joining the Australian with a history of mental illness

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I’m 18 this year and planning to join the ADF next year in a combat role. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety 4 years ago (due to grief, mental abuse, a broken family etc) and diagnosed with ADD (inattentive subtype) in 2022. I’m currently medicated for depression and ADD but have been on and off them since being diagnosed. I’ve seen many professionals in the last 7 years to help me cope with my problems and  I don’t struggle with anxiety anymore. I really want to stop taking pills soon, hopefully soon enough to join. I was wondering I f anyone has any advice or insight about my chances any other information that would be really helpful. 

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Community Champion

Dear Indy~

Service in the ADF is not easy, it is a rigorous and stressful environment (even if not in a combat situation). As a result the recruitment process needs to establish that a person is able to withstand these pressures long-term. Both physical and mental conditions are evaluated.


Your question is mentioned  here on the ADF Recruitment pages:


"Can I join the ADF if I have a history of mental health, psychological issues, discomfort or illness?
This depends on individual symptoms, treatment, diagnosis, treatment received, and response to treatment, including current situation and capacity to perform in the role you are applying for. There's not one answer for all as the outcome depends on individual circumstances. For more information about your specific situation, speak to an ADF Careers representative on 13 19 01."


A very simialr question was asked in this thread:




I hope this helps.