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I really don't want to go on my camp which is 1month long

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So i have to go to a camp later this year for a whole month with my really annoying grade. It is compulsory but i really dont want to go. The reasons i dont want to go include: I hate being surrounded by heaps of people, my grade is really annoying and i have anger issues which can be affected, i personally have other commitments on at the same time, i dont want people to know that i have medical problems, i also have really bad anxiety. My parents are saying i have to go and since the camp is compulsory i dont know how to get out of it


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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi there,


I am sorry you are feeling this way. For context - is this a school camp or a camp that your parents are sending you to because of your poor grades? I know it must seem unfair, but maybe there is a reason this is happening that could benefit you. Do you think it could help improve your grades? Would it be worth it? Is there a counsellor at this camp to help you through your anxiety? These are all important factors. Can you talk to your parents about raising your grade another way? Or the school?


I hope you find a solution,

Jaz xx