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I need some help

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I had been struggling with a girl I used to be friends with in the past year, and now she has left the friend group. However some of her close friends are still in my friend group and they are attention-seekers, gossipers, bullies and spread rumours about me and my best friends. We want to leave the group- but we are worried that they will ruin our lives even more. At home, my dad as super high expectations that I can never live up to and puts me down if I don't do as well as expected. I am struggling and I have confided in friends to help me but I'm not sure if its working.... please help someone 😞
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I had this happen to me at school. A long time ago πŸ˜†. I had only been at the school a year after moving due to being removed from my mother and I was in a vulnerable state. It hit me hard.

The issues were the other girls and I kept getting caught up in it due to my vulnerability. My best friend was the one saying she didn't like our group so our other best friend and I left and went into another group. She ended up needing to belong so much to this new group that I slowly got dumped so she could spend more time with them. I drifted towards other girls in the group and we sort of had a split group. It was a bit weird.

These other girls that are not nice. Just talk to them confront them. I regret not doing that. It seems so big at the time. So hurtful. But its is not you. It's them. They also have their own teenage insecurities and problems and this is how it is manifesting. If they are still unpleasant to be around, find others who you like and you fit in with. Don't worry about rumours etc. I know that sounds crazy like I don't understand but with age comes wisdom and I now know that the people making the rumours and acting horrible are looking worse than those they are creating them about. Confront the rumours head on if possible. Reject them by explaining them away. Don't be afraid. People will repect you and leave you alone.

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tyyy so helpful 😊