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I have no friends and I am so depressed

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I have no friends and I am so depressed. 

I am angry all the time and have no energy. Nothing I do makes me happy. 

My family all hate each other and I am dealing with the mother of my stepson who hates me because she wants me to assist in financially supporting her child. 


I feel like I need help but, because of what I do as a job, I know that I am not as mentally ill as a lot if other people. And because of that, I know that I don't have entitlements for support. 

My gp just wants to pump me with drugs. I want to see a psych but, I can't afford it. I know there is Medicare but, the waiting list is massive because of covid and I will have to wait months for an appointment. 


I feel like I need to be admitted to a psych ward but, yet again I cannot afford it and I am not a high enough risk to the government to be put into a public system. I also am scared to tell my family what is really going on because, I feel I have to be the strong one of the family. 


I am so lonely and I don't know what to do. Do I just wait until I fully snap and there is no other option but, to go to hospital? 

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Hi Lexicon39,

Welcome to the forums - we're really glad you've found your way here. You may not feel as though you have any friends in your 'real' life, but you're certainly amongst friends here.

We hear you when you tell us that you're feeling as though you're desperately lonely and sad - depressed, lacking in energy and even angry... there's so much going on for you at home, and with you feeling as though you possibly need to be admitted to hospital (or that you might snap), you have us concerned about your well-being and we want you to get the care you need and deserve (but that you're not currently receiving)...

We've reached out to your privately (please check your inbox), but we're also going to mention a few things here, specifically for you, but also for anyone else reading this and feeling as though they're experiencing anything similar.

Depression is a medical condition that needs care, and although this care is not always easy to access (or afford), there are several other different options available online and through other avenues, so we encourage you to contact our team of counsellors who are here for you 24/7, and can both provide you with brief support and referrals to some other targeted valuable services. 

Our number is 1300 22 4636, or we have an online chat service if you prefer typing over talking. ..We're available 24/7, it's free, confidential and non-judgemental.

IMPORTANT NOTE - PLEASE: Call 000 (triple zero) if you are in immediate danger to yourself, or take yourself to your nearest Emergency Department for mental health assistance if you feel you can.

We hope to hear from you soon Lexicon39 - please don't wait to snap before you reach out, Lexicon39. In the meantime, we'll leave you in the hands of our beautiful, wise, loving and supportive online community.

Kind regards,

Sophie M

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Dear Lexicon39, a warm welcome to the forums. You did the right thing by joining! 


You are more than welcome to have a look around on other threads to see if you gel with other members' feelings and situations. 


I understand "because of your job" ..... it's so stupid. Makes me angry too! 


No one wants you to SNAP first! 
Most especially not you and you've done all you can in the situation you're in to get help. 
BUT you have the forums now, so splurge out here and get everything off your chest! (and your shoulders and your entire body and mind). 


I know for sure that other members will pop in to talk with you soon. Until then PLEASE call the BB Helpline, the Counsellors there are brilliant. Just like Sophie_M, they HEAR you and respond appropriately to YOUR needs... none of the stuff you're experiencing atm. Quite the opposite in fact. 


I'm going to suggest some things, look at any and all of anyone's suggestions here as a MENU to choose from. No one is dictating to you. We are all trying to help you and support you. Hugs! 


Brene Brown is awesome. 
You can watch her Netflix special "The Call to Courage" because I already KNOW you will relate to the research she brings to us... also quite the opposite from what society prescribes. Brene also has books you can ask your Local Library to purchase (yes they love recommendations!). Plenty of her Ted Talks & YouTube clips are available for free too. 


Boundaries!! boundaries boundaries boundaries lol. 
No. Your stepson is NOT your responsibility. Ppl may disagree but I don't care lol. HE is his parents' responsibility and if they aren't being responsible then they have to because you can't. 
You can say an outright NO. 
OR you can delegate a small amount per week and say that's it. 
Or simply no. 


MEN'S SHEDS. (Men's Groups if appropriate). 
You can join one near you. 
You never have to disclose what your occupation is. 
It's not a necessity for joining. 


Please look at the Self-care and Thankful Threads. Changing the habits of our mind can be the most powerful healing method and help us maintain any MH gains. 


See you soon
Up to you. 

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Lexicon39, 


You are going through a really difficult time right now and I am sorry to hear you are struggling to find the right support from your family and healthcare provider.


As Sophie mentioned, if you need support don't ever hesitate to utilize the Beyond Blue helpline to talk through your feelings and get things off your chest. I would also say that despite the wait for bulk billed psych'', it's still worth getting on the list either way. It may come around faster than you think, or you may decide not to when the time comes but at least the ball is rolling.


May I ask, do you have any activities or interests you could start doing a bit more of right now to help you cope? Anything from exercise, sport, craft, gaming or social events that bring you joy and you can focus on right now. 


Building these types of self-care activities into our routine is really important to help us destress. For me, it's going to yoga class or calling a friend, sometimes doing a sewing project. What do you like to do?