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How does someone find a career path ?

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I am really struggling to figure out what job I want in the future. I am in university at the moment but hate it. I really cannot envision myself being a successful person in any field, because there aren't any jobs that appeal to me/ or have major drawbacks. Does anyone who was in a similar situation have any advice? Might help me and others feeling the same way


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congrats on your graduation 🙂

Hi HamSolo01

thanks for your reply. I am 19

I was pushed into studying science to become a doctor. I was not into science at all, I did it anyway. Then years later I had my calling. I love my dad and he appreciated me a lot. So the calling was in his honour im going to study engineering and he was an engineer too!

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Hey Denham123,

That's a really nice story, thanks for sharing it! I hope you enjoy engineering more than the science 🙂