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Feeling Overwhelmed with School :/

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So it’s a long story but due to my ocd, anxiety and past hallucinations I missed an entire year of school and now I’m back and the first term went fine I was getting straight A’s but since this term I’ve been doing horribly and I keep overthinking and thinking that I’m a failure and that I’ll never get into a good college and I’m so so so anxious about the future and I feel so stupid and everyone at my school is super smart and rich (I go to a prestigious private school) and I keep hearing about everyone accomplishments and how well they’re doing while I’m basically failing and I don’t want to disappoint my family because I feel like they expect so much from me 😕
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Hi LisaLAyne,

Can you approach the well-being person at your school? Does the school have something like that? Or is your home group teacher approachable?

Helen 72

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Hello LisaLayne

I think it's brave that you're coming back to school and giving it a go despite missing an entire year of school. I remember when I got sick with a manic episode and I didn't get the grades for the university pathway I wanted. I remember how I used to tell myself that I wouldn't make it into university. In my final year of schooling, I was not where I wanted to be because of my sickness. So I went back to school get the grades I needed to go university.

I think with school, it's important to have a study routine and to be disciplined. Don't do your assignments last minute, plan for them ahead. If you have questions, ask your teacher in private. If you're not coping, ask for help from the school counsellor or from Kidshelpline or from your friends.

Honestly, you're not a failure, you have your whole life ahead of you. You'll work hard to get to where you want to be. Work for your future.

What matters is your progress, you're trying to do better yourself not compete with other people. I guess you feel inferior to other people. Don't. And I've also disappointed my family with my sickness and grades.

Hope this helps?