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Crying for no reason

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Hi im V and im new here

im 12 and in year 7

i have been crying a lot recently and not sure why, a day ago i was crying before school without a reason then today i started crying before school because my jackets wrist wasn’t straight then cried again cause my brother was staring at me. I don’t want to cry but i cant help it, i feel like im not apart of my body because it wont tell me why its sad. I feel like im not normal and something is wrong with me I need support but i don't feel like i can get it from my parents because they don’t understand me.

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Champion Alumni

Hello Vbee

Welcome and thankyou for your excellent post....You are strong

Crying is okay....Being in year 7 can be difficult sometimes with the adjustment from year 6....You are not alone there Vbee at all. There are many young people that would feel the same as yourself. Only if its okay..can I ask if things are going okay at home at the moment?

If you are stuck, our friends at 'Kids Helpline' are very gentle and caring people. They have a 24/7 helpline for young people which you can call and its totally confidential and private. They also have an email option on their website if using the phone isnt convenient

1800 55 1800 (Anytime. Any Reason.)


thankyou again for being a part of Beyond Blue 🙂

any questions are always welcome Vbee


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Champion Alumni

Hello Vbee, can we firstly put your heart at ease here, Paul has given you good advice and it doesn't matter how old you are, this illness can affect anyone at some stage in their life for no particular reason, and I'm so sorry that this has happened with you.

Parents sometimes don't want to even try and understand what any mental illness is all about, because they seem to take it as reflection on their ability in raising their children, but this isn't necessarily so, because the world these days is so fast with a lot we all can't cope with.

Please let us know how you are going.


That Other Guy
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Hi there. I am 53. Last year I had a tough time, and I cried most days. Crying is NORMAL. It sounds like there's some underlying stuff in your life causing you to be emotional (this was me last year as well, I cried over the dumbest things because I was already on edge). I think you need to see if your school offers free counselling, they should. If it's a religious consellor, be aware they will give you religious advice, in that case perhaps talk to your parents if you can about a secular counsellor?

There's is no such thing as normal. I've not been 'normal' a day in my life and I'm doing fine 🙂

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Hi blondguy

things at home aren't bad, I’ve had no problems at home, we have tried to get me a therapist but all of them aren’t available, I think its the stress from change but im not upset from change its more like its the base that starts to build up from little things then it makes me have meltdowns from the little thing.

Being troubled by change can happen for many reasons. If you're at school the school might offer couselling? A GP will give you a mental health plan that gives you 10 sessions of counselling outside school?

My school is a christian private school and im not really christian, i haven’t heard about a school councillor and there is no therapists available, id rather speak to someone face to face then over a phone.

Yeah, christian school counsellors are not going to help 😞

I prefer face to face sessions but have to do video sessions a bit and find they are still better than nothing? I would suggest that face to face is *better* but nothing is the worst possible option.....

your other option is a mental health plan from a GP and counselling away from school

I guess the other issue is how Christian are your parents and how supportive are they likely to be.... Do you need to do this alone, or will they help you?

Its more christian on my dads side but he's not that christian, i was sent there since it was better then my sisters public school but she got to stay there since she only has 1 year till graduation, I’ve had a chat with my mum and shes told me to talk to councillors on kids help line

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Community Champion

Hi, welcome

There can be many, one of dozens even, why you are crying a lot. Yes, as some mentioned it is quite normal but the regularity of your crying can cause you problems in your day to day life.

We cant diagnose an illness, thats for your GP and other professional medical staff, however just as an example- I used to cry as often as you are. I found that as I got older my crying would decrease but it was still a problem. At 53yo I was diagnosed (among other things) with Dysthymia a low mood constant depression. I was prescribed a low dose medication and it really fixed me up.

You should be really proud of yourself for posting and seeking a remedy. Well done.

So, professionals can find out where the core of the problem is. Most people in life have medical issues that they manage so dont feel abnormal, we are humans and humans arent perfect.