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Hi, Honestly I think I've been feeling down for at least a few years now but it got really bad at the beginning of the year. To the point where I distanced myself from a lot of people that I love. I thought it was just going to be a brief thing but I've gotten to the stage where I can't bring myself to message back. I don't like looking at stories on snapchat and instagram, I've just shut down and to be honest its made me feel worse. I speak to at least three of my friends properly but I can't help but hate myself for treating my other friends that way. Hating myself is the reason I'm in this position in the first place so I feel like I'm in a big vicious circle.

I really want to know how I can make those steps to open back up? I've been thinking of messaging people but I guess I'm lacking the drive and motivation to do it.

One person at a time? Day by day?

Any advice would mean the world, thanks.

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Champion Alumni

Hi Rigby2000,

Sorry to hear your feeling down mate. I can only imaging how you're feeling. You're not alone, we're here to help :0)

First of all, you need to speak to some close friends/family and tell them how you're feeling. You'll be surprised how good a good o'l vent and cry can make you feel. It can often chase them blues away and clear your thoughts. Secondly, if that isn't an option for you, go see your family GP and have a talk with them. They'll aften be able to put you onto the right path.

Have you thought of maybe giving social media a bit of a rest for a couple of weeks and clear you mind? In this modern technical era, social media can become overwhelming and fill your mind with a lot of contradictory thoughts. You know, if you keep doing the same things, the same things are bound to happen. Make sense? If you want things to change, introduce some changes into your life. Change brings about change.

I'd love to hear your thoughts my friend

Your friend - Rumples