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Hello all,

I’ve been confused with myself and curious about my behaviours. I’ve been aware of it for a long time but never received any clinical help nor have I been diagnosed.

There are times when I experience intense emotions to the point it can cause headaches or evoke a sense of euphoria. In this mindset, my empathy for others is deep. I am able to understand their emotions and can easily put myself into their shoe. However I get moody easily or for no reason at all.

But there are times when I feel….robotic-like. If you get what I mean. I’m not quite sure what the words are but when I feel like this, I can’t connect with others emotionally. I become expressionless and tend to display anti-social behaviours. My quietness would often be understood as a silent treatment, though I’d have to say it was intentional sometimes.

The problem is that I shift between the two unpredictably. This is why I am often misunderstood. I’ve always changed my personality based on the atmosphere I’m reading, perhaps it is a result of that.

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Champion Alumni
Hello Thankyou for your post and welcome,

thats good that you have self awareness and that you can recognize your actions, i was the same for a while until i went to see someone and got clarity
I often feel like a chameleon i change my personality based on the people i am around, it is like a need to fit in or like a coping strategy and i have experienced symptoms similar to this
Thankyou for reaching out today
I definitely think it would be worth seeing someone about these symptoms just to talk and get some support, a counsellor or psychologist would be a good start
I hope this helps

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello anony_mous,

Welcome to the forums and thanks for posting! I've always found this to be a fantastic place to share how you've been feeling and see what others think or have been through.

It sounds like you've been doing a bit of thinking about your behaviours and personality, and just want to understand a bit more. Speaking about it like you're doing now can be really beneficial, especially if you find someone who's really good at helping you reflect, or even trained to do that like a professional counsellor or psychologist.

I understand what you mean by shifting between the two and sometimes being really robotic and finding it hard to connect with people. In my own experience, this tends to happen when I'm exhausted by people and just really need to recharge on my own, even if I don't realise it. I've actually started treating it as an early warning sign for me to just take it easy for a bit. Have you got any thoughts about why you shift to a more emotionless personality?


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Community Champion


A warm welcome to our forums. What you're saying really resonates with me. I also feel things really intensely, feel so much sensitivity and empathy, then again I can also get moody very easily, sometimes my actions feel monotonous and emotionless, and I sometimes feel like I struggle to connect with or relate to others.

I'm not quite sure what it means, but I hope it brings you some level of reassurance to know that you're not the only one who experiences this. It may help to have a chat to a counsellor, therapist, GP, or psychologist about what you're feeling, as they may be able to help you understand these behaviours and gain a deeper knowledge of yourself too. I talked to a counsellor about this as well, and it was really helpful in terms of helping me consolidate my own feelings about these behaviours.

Is this something you've noticed recently, or has this been the case for a long period of time?

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

All the best, SB