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Transition from Mental Health Facility to home.

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Hi all I am 10 days out from 9 weeks in a MHF and am really struggling to adapt. What are your experiences after such stays?
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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Wombatus and warm welcome to our forums

9 weeks is a long time to be in a MHF, so I understand how you must feel. To help us give you the best support we can, are you able to share more of your story? No pressure, just if you're able. For example, where are you living? At home, a residential care or hostel?

What kinds of support do you have? Family, regular visits from mental health workers?

Fear of being on my own would be the worst, especially when you've had others around to help when needed. Thinking I was unable to function without that support. Is that anything like how you are feeling?

Kind regards


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello Wombatus, and a warm welcome to you.

I know what it must feel like to be 10 days out of a MHF, because while you are in there, and (I can say this as I was in a private hospital) the atmosphere is different, there are no phones ringing that you need to answer, 3 meals are provided for you, all you need to do is make your own bed, no cleaning, cooking or washing up and group/single therapy happens every day.

When you do go home then you have to cope with what's been happening before you went in, phones, letters and possibly needing to cook, clean and/or go shopping, so it's adjusting and getting the help you need.

Can I join PamelaR in asking what support you are getting as we are concerned for you.

Best wishes.


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Hi Wombatus. Wow 9 weeks, congrats on your return home. Geoff's comments re: the changes you face on returning home would be overwhelming to say the least. Do you have an ongoing plan with the treating psych/doctor. I imagine you have to continue seeing them as an outpatient. Perhaps make a plan of day to day living. If possible can you arrange for help with shopping as this would be scary and overwhelming till you become accustomed to doing this alone. If you are living alone (not sure of your age), there are organizations which will assist you with Dr's appointments, shopping etc. Home help is amazing in this way. Perhaps ask your Dr to arrange for help. Don't try to overdo anything till you feel more comfortable. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day, adjusting to being home will take time. Best wishes.