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The beyondblue forums word cloud - what are we talking about? (Updated for February)

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi everyone,

Nothing like a bit of word soup to warm the cockles... this cloud below represents all of your words from January, posted here to the forums. The bigger the word, the more often it was used. This is what we talked about last month. Any thoughts?

bb forums January 2015  (2)

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Community Member

Hi Christopher,

This is a cool idea. Wow, help features hugely in the posts! When I think about it, I probably use the word help in every comment I post. It surprises me how little the words happy and worry were used.


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

This is amazing.  Not sure what it is saying though.  Not surprising that HELP features so prominently.  It's good that not all the "need" words are large. Some of the helping word are also quite large which is great.  Unless my eyes need testing I cannot see 'bad' so that's positive.  OK, just spotted it but small letters.

Not sure of the significance of the size of some words. They could be positive and negative.  So lets make it positive with the big words.

I need to make depression well, life really good and know one day it will really work.


Community Member

Dear people,   I’ve had a little play and a bit of fun with the words in the soup that Christopher has provided.  I’ve pulled as many words as I could from the soup and made them into silly sentences.  If I had more time and was a bit more cleverer, it might be funnier or even sillier, but here’s my attempt.

 “I’m thinking that I don’t mind a drink once in a while.  Sometimes I think I’ve got a problem with anxiety where it gets to the point where sleep doesn’t come easy at night and many times over a month, I’ve found love and it’s been great.

My GP says I have depression and that I need help.

My psychologist says I should tell my partner to keep working and to be a better person.

I think in life we try too hard to be normal and that when I was a kid I would wish everyone around me would be happy as my dog.

I want people to know that this day, month and year I don’t mind being impotent (whoops, that’s supposed to be important – the font was very small) and that I will stop my relationship when I’m old.”

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Our word of the month in February was FAMILY