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That GP

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I just wanted to post a my recent experience with my long term and now ex-GP. Feeling at my lowest and my anxiety on overdrive, I somehow found a tiny amount of energy to go to my GP for help. What did he say when I was sitting there facing him?

Here's a list of what he said:

Dr: "Look at me, I have all these patients, I don't get anxiety"

Me: I need something help me sleep

Dr: (does scroll through- eneey meeny miney mo) says "here take this and this, i shouldn't give you this, but take it" (a sleeping medication)

Me: Could i please have a mental health care plan?

Dr: "no, they take too long to write, come back and see me next time".

How is it that a person who has been trusted to save lives, almost crushed mine? GPs like this should be reprimanded in some way?

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Hello Crh, thanks for coming to the forums and terribly sorry that your GP has treated you in this way, it's certainly not unbecoming and if my GP said that to me, there is no doubt I would be seeking advice from another GP.

We need but most importantly rely on the medical profession to assist us when something isn't right or we aren't feeling well in any aspect of our life and if they are more interested in themselves, it's time to move on, although I can't say what you should do, it's just a suggestion.

Our GP's are the pinnacle to guide us in whatever direction they believe we need to be guided into getting the assistance we need and their current patient should be their priority for return business.

A mental health plan is a necessary cause and anyone who is struggling should be allowed to benefit from one, it's important to help you when you're asking for it and want to discuss any problems with a psychologist.

Take care.


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi crh,

Welcome to the forums and thank you for reaching out.

I'm so sorry that this happened to you. I wish that I could say that it's rare and unexpected and reportable, but this is the reality of some GP's. I've had GP's tell me that it's all in my head (where else would it be?), that I'm choosing to feel this way, looking for attention, just need to lose weight, be positive, or just forget the past because it's over anyway... It's the hardest thing to digest especially when it's taken so much just to go to the GP in the first place.

I hope that by reaching out you can see that you still have strength in you and can reach out again in the future and find someone who treats you with the respect that you deserve.


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Blue Voices Member
P.S. I will also add that people usually need a double appointment for a Mental Health Care Plan, so even the nicest GP's will ask you to book another appointment. Just a little fyi.