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Thanks for having this forum

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Thankyou Beyond Blue for a fantastic idea about getting us all together and talking about our experiences with depression ect. God Bless
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Community Member

Dear BB,

It's all good.  Even my various disallowed postings.

The more people open up the more other people want to open up too.

You will realise you've cracked it when a teenger declares the website is "fully sick".

Adios, David.

Thanks Sen and thanks David Charles, we appreciate the nice feedback as always!


Dear Hugh,

After my further criticism on the thread "I am Anxiety" you might view this positive feedback as "reverse psychology"...............

Thanks "Eulbdnoyeb".

Adios, David.

dear BB, the lone ranger has just found this post.

I agree with David Charles and Sen, no reply is necessary.

Before this site was established, it must have been a lonely existence, and I can vouch for that.

It was only until I purchased a laptop that I discovered this site, and now 8 years on and 3 years on for David Charles, it's been a journey.

Coming back to reality I wonder how many people have benefited from all the responders, I hope many have, but we never really know.

It's no different to a psychologist understanding the main core of our problems, and if they fail do they question why. Geoff.