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seeking online support buddies

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my name is bettina and i am new here, i was wonderering if anybody would like to become "online suport buddies" with me to help me overcome my mental health issues. im currently not seeing a counselor/support group nor have any friends due my current circumstances, im 27 years old.   

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hi, im new too. you still have friends, we just don't  think we do, and shut them out. why? cause we don't want them to see us like this. we hide our feelings , sometimes too well. 

im 43 and shaking this black dog off my back . with help from friends. I thought I had lost them too. but had not, just lost myself.  Rich

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We can be friends, anxiety and depression is horrible. 

I've wanted to leave this earth so many times.  I don't know how I make it to work some mornings.  It sucks because you can't put life on hold for this condition, the bills still roll in and you can't just quit.

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dear Bettina, it's good that we have new members join this forum, as we all need each others help, and welcome aboard. L Geoff. x

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Hi Bettina, I'm new here as well.

Personally i've felt like everyone in my life has abandoned me in one way or another - which is true but, good and bad, I still have some people i can talk to.

In life you rarely if ever find friends who are strong enough or care enough to deal with people who have problems like me (after my suicide attempt - my best friend cut me off, and everyone else just doesn't want to talk about anything that isn't happy)

I'm willing to be your support buddy - having someone to talk to, who understands what it's like to suffer is really helpful.

Best of luck to you

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I am new to this site too.

I am extremely shy so I do not have many friends. I have one good friend who tells me we have a lot of mutual friends but it doesn't feel like it.

My biggest regret in life is not having my heart broken, but not killing myself all those years ago when I had the chance.

It would be really nice to connect with others who are struggling to stay alive and fight these demons.

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Hello All. Thanks to Bettina for creating this thread. I'm

m, 31yo, full package loon, and formally studying my condition at uni. The 7+ psychiatrists ive seen,  plus a dozen other doctors and another dozen shrinks, have been unable to categorize or diagnose me, even after years of tests and observations. I feel unique,  alone, isolated, different.  Slightly proud to have been a ground-breaking case study, and to be so different the results were inconclusive,  but mostly I'm lonely. Social interaction eludes me, especially intimacy,  and mostly because I don't feel worthy. Also partly because there are a lot of people offended by facetiousness. Can you take a joke?

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Champion Alumni

dear All, ( except me ), yes this is a very good thread, and after reading the points you all make, it reminds me when 98%  of 'friends' disappeared, excluding my twin and someone who I still saw everyday, but my wife ( ex) always asked someone else to come and see me, the problem was that I didn't like this chap, as he was always after as much as he could get.

So when he arrived without any notice I would hide from him, I didn't want to see him nor talk to him, I never felt comfortable with him, and if he brought his wife ( ex ) then the gossip would be spread around town in no time.

So it got to the point where I just said to him that I want to be alone, in other words p------s off, thank god that worked, and now if I see him he barely talks to me, bingo, I still don't care. Geoff.

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Hi Bettina,

 Seems like you have many online support buddies here 😄 29 yr old male and currently working in the mental health industry. If you have any questions feel free to message here 🙂

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I am a red hot mess but I'll be friends with anyone.