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Swearing on the forums

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hey everyone,

We’ve been having a significant number of posts coming through recently (from across the membership, so this isn’t directed at any particular person) that contain swearing.  As you may know, this is against our community rules.

We understand that when you’re feeling really low and frustrated, you may feel a need to let off some steam. However, we have members with a broad range of ages and backgrounds visiting so we need to be mindful of others when posting.  Swearing is not necessary to make your point and can be offensive to others (this includes using *** to eliminate part of the word you want to say).

When submitting a post that contains swearing, your post is automatically held for moderation. We only have a small team of moderators here, particularly on evenings and weekends, so it’s worth remembering before you post that if it contains swearing it will not only delay the publication of your post, but of others in the community as well because your post is simply added to the queue of material that needs to be screened (fully read, edited if necessary, and the member emailed to be informed about the edits).

Hopefully no-one reading this will take this message personally or too harshly, it’s just with our community traffic growing daily (four times the size it was at this time last year, which is great), we all have a role to play in ensuring that the space remains safe, on-topic and considerate of others in spite of the often distressing issues that we’re dealing with ourselves. 

Thanks in advance.
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