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Struggling with everything after wife asked me to leave home

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Hi there, my first post here.
About 2 weeks ago my wife asked me to leave.
After a month after our daughter told us she had been inappropriately touched by my own father about 5 years ago.
I had struggled to be there for her emotionally and fell into heavy drinking after work. My wife went out with friends one night and I was home alone but couldn't help myself but annoy her witb texts and phone calls. I was just feeling alone and lost. She then got fed up and next day said it was over and I should leave home.
Our daughter had decided to live with her biological father and step mother a week or so beforehand also which turned our lives upside down.
I am now a week or so living with my brother and his fiance.
But struggling to cope without my wife to.
Thanks for any guidance through this difficult time.
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I am waiting to see a psychologist and have been prescribed antidepressants to take but are not agreeing with stomach or seem to help any way.

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Champion Alumni

Hello Ozzynz, thanks for having the courage to post your comment, sometimes it's not easy to open up to people you don't know, but on the other hand, it maybe more beneficial.

I'm really sorry about what your daughter has had to go through, plus the 5 years she has had to keep to herself must have been terrible and would like to comment on this later on.

Alcohol is a way some of us use to self medicate, just to numb what has happened, and I was no different because I also used it, but now know in hindsight that it only causes more trouble, however, I am not blaming you, circumstances were beyond your control.

I understand the frustration of being alone, with your wife going out with friends and the anticipation of what maybe happening and what you could have said in your texts and phone calls making your wife to ask you to leave.

If I can go back to your daughter and suggest that she may need some counselling to overcome her ordeal, so if she can contact Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800 they will be able to help her.

The antidepressants (AD) you are taking normally take 4 to 6 weeks for them to kick in and any side effects could have settled down by then, but if these AD is causing you too much trouble then your doctor needs to review them.

Perhaps the only way for you and your wife to connect once again is if you able to stop the drinking, I realise this could be difficult but I'd like to hear back from you.

I'm sorry it's a long reply.