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Starting a new life.

Community Member

Hey guys!

i am a Gay Autistic man with bi-polar. Atm things are changing rapidly and I’m discovering so much more about myself but am also dealing with trying to improve on myself and see how far I can go.

things are getting pretty busy and I feel like I am so close to life I’ve always wanted, but I’m also worried that i might not be good enough for it. This being a new life in Sydney.

I’ve made some mistakes at home and done somethings that have hurt people, mainly due to addiction. And I feel like I have to allow some space for the people I’ve hurt and also myself.

I feel like I need to grow my wings and start living for myself. Build my own life!

i don’t want to cut ties, but atm I’m only hurting my family and myself. Somethings gotta change.

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Senoj2393,

Well come to our forums!

I'm sorry to hear that your addiction has caused you to hurt people and has contributed to your mistakes.

I understand that addiction isn't any easy thing to go through but it is something that you can learn to intervene with.

Are you receiving help for your addicition?

I can see that you are trying to work on yourself and make changes which is something you should be proud of. Inner work is the most important work that you will ever do, it can bring great internal growth.

Along your journey you may be confronted with other internal challenges but just remember that when these challenges arise treat them as just that challenges learn to rise above them and to learn from them.

Time heals all wounds just give it time with your family and keep on working on the new improved version of yourself.

It takes alot of hard work and courage to confront our internal world but once you can do this your life will be very free flowing.

Good luck and

believe in yourself this will give you your wings to fly.

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello Seno, starting a new life is a good approach and understand that an addiction may be causing trouble for you, so please get back to us so we can help you.

I also had an addiction but now I don't and want to assist you anyway possible, so look forward in hearing back from you.


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hey Senoj2393,

Welcome and thanks so much for your post. It's wonderful to read that you are starting anew and discovering so much about yourself. It sounds equally exciting but also challenging, and I'm glad you've come here to share your story and journey with us.

I understand you've made some mistakes in the past which have hurt people, and allowing for some space sounds like a good idea. Even if not for other people, but for yourself to get to a time and place where you feel that a closer bond with family may be beneficial.

In the meantime, please feel free to come and talk to us here about anything you are going through, and we'd love to support you through all these changes.


Community Member

Hi James1!

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and offer your support. I do appreciate it.

I’ll just start by saying that atm things are pretty mixed up and I have been craving an objective opinion and someone to talk to about everything that’s been happening.

things are not bad at home, but I need more and my family deserve better.

I feel like starting anew would be beneficial for me but I’m not sure how to put everything into place. I am seeing a lgbt counsellor who is helping me, but any or extra support is more than welcome.

the thought of this change both terrifies and inspires me. Baby steps at this point in time, but even just talking to someone I told trust would mean a world of difference.

Thanks again for your support,


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hey senoj2393,

Ah, yeah it can be hard to get a good handle on things without that outside objective perspective. Is your lgbt counsellor helping you as well in this regard?

I've been speaking to my psychologist for...ooh geez, maybe 6 - 8 years? Hard to say, but it's really nice to have someone I know I can reach out to if I need to, and someone who I can bounce thoughts off for changes in my life, big and small.

Let us know if there's anything you'd like to speak about, otherwise feel free to post here whenever you feel like it.


Community Champion
Community Champion


Welcome to the Beyond Blue forums and thank you for opening up. Change is a difficult but beautiful thing. It allows us to become better people.

It is great that you are trying to let go of your past and build up your life to become better. Your past shapes you and allows you to be better.

Stay safe and i am always here to chat.