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Responding to triggers

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Hi everyone,

I’m new to the Beyond Blue forums and have been really touched to witness the warmth, empathy and acceptance that is being modelled so richly here. As I read through the forums, I find myself really wanting to help and support people through their struggles. But then, I find myself being triggered much of the time too!

So I’d love to find out: how do you respond to triggers?


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Community Champion

Hi, welcome to our forums

Great question. Well I've been here about 8 years and 7 being a community Champion. My technique is to take advantage of the major benefit of the forum- the ability of me walking away when I'm too tired or triggered by a topic or a post. Ther next day I can return to that post or not at all, that freedom is great.

There is a thread here among many (you can use search at the top) on triggers I wrote some eyars ago you might find useful.


Anxiety and PTSD sometimes trigger our emotions. We feel we cant do anything about it but that isnt the case. Apart from professional help (are you getting any?) we can self help also.



So you can continue on with your introduction thread here or answer posts at the end of those threads I've given or start up a new thread on specific topics like your anxiety or triggers.

Again, thanks for posting


Hi Tony,

I really appreciate your response and your sharing of those links. I will look forward to having a good read through those. I am currently being treated and I think these forums will be a lovely addition to my recovery journey.

Thank you again for your warm welcome!


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Community Champion

Hello Mags,

Welcome to the forums!

Personally, when something triggers my anxiety I just take some deep breaths and imagine the worst possible scenario. I haven't had anxiety in a long time, but recently I had a panic attack (I used to get them more often). I was at first confused about what was going on as it had been such a long time, but once I realised my brain automatically started to use the techniques I have learnt to deal with them. PTSD triggers are also not fun.

Personally, I have my own techniques I learnt with a psychologist which I find helpful. Have you learnt any ways to cope or seen a psychologist? I found this helpful.

I am glad you are here and look forward to seeing you around the forums.

Stay supportive,